Top 8 Developers This Generation

PS University writes "Thus far we've tackled what we thought were the Top 8 New Faces of Gaming this generation and the franchises that needed to take a break and die a little. However, now we're ready to move on to the guys who create those characters and games and pick out our Top 8 Developers This Generation thus far. Keeping with our last Top 8 list, we're going to include developers outside of Sony's umbrella of titles so that the multi-console owners have a reason to discuss this list to no end. A lot of thought went into this one and though many people will still find reason to complain and cry bias or fanboyism, we're quite content with how it lined up.

To start off, I'd like to say that we've seen some pretty amazing games this generation. In my opinion, some of the best games that the industry has ever seen have been created over the last three years and that most likely a lot of developers will build on those for the future of gaming. Thankfully, as a multi-console owner myself, I've had the chance to enjoy most of these games (if not all) and would give them all my stamp of approval."

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GWAVE3268d ago

Neither Turn 10 nor Epic belong on that list. Turn 10 has proven itself to be a PR-driven company that thrives on lies and PR bullcrap instead of letting their products speak for themselves. Epic has proven that advertising and good media relations are more important than innovation or quality control, since all of their major games this gen have shipped with major bugs and problems yet the media seems to ignore it.

Nathan1233268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

The only list Turn 10 should feature is on the 'Running your mouth' list or the 'Bashing your opponent to gain popularity' list. They could lead that list for sure. Compare F3 to what they hyped it at E3... unparalleled graphics (LMAO), most cars (400 LMAO) and DEFINITIVE DEFINITIVE DEFINITIVE crap. Earning cheap publicity by bashing the most popular game is the way of cowards. Hopefully T10 realizes this when they hit puberty... Still 3 more years to go T10.

DLA2K93267d ago

so nobody thinks Bethesda and Bioware deserve to be on this list? SEGA???!!?? One title no matter how great it is does NOT earn you the right to be on this list. Worst developer of the generation.....Square enix, how the mighty have fallen

somerandomdude3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

So true about turn 10.
They really do show an ugly and desperate side to the gaming world. I prefer to know my money is going to a game developer with a passion for gaming instead of a company thinking of ways to get rich quick by copying a successful game in (GT5) then saying the game you are copying is crap in comparison

AKNAA3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

I think it should have been in this order:

1- Naughty Dog (uncharted 1-2)
2- Kojima productions (MGS4)
3- Capcom (DMC4,SF4, RE5, L.planet 2)
4- Guerilla games (killzone 2) @darkeyes, thanks haha!
5- Infinity ward (COD4,MW2)
6- Insomniac (Resistance 1-2, Ratchet & clank)
7- Epic games (Gears of war 1-2, UT4)
8- EA Redwood (Dead space)
9- sucker punch
10- Tecmo/ Team Ninja ( ninja gaiden, dead or alive series)

Darkeyes3267d ago

@AkAA... I agree. But change that Gorilla to Guerilla lol.

Noob3267d ago

I would replace them with Capcom.

Syronicus3267d ago

But outside of the couple Sony devs, the rest of the list is fail. Epic, not so much. Turn 10, get them a kleenex and tell them to shut up. Ninty? Sorry, but their games cater tot he crowd I am not privy to. Sega... Maybe. This list is just pure silliness.

sikbeta3267d ago

1-Kojima Productions (MGS4)
2-Naughty Dog (UC + UC2 = Awesomeness)
3-Insomniac (R:FoM - Ratchet and Clank: future ToD/Q4B - R2)
4-Guerilla Games (KZ2)
5-Epic (only first GeOW)
6-SCEA Santa Monica Studios (Warhawk)
7-Sucker Punch (InFamous)
8-Atlus/From Software (Demon Soul)

Lightsaber3267d ago

Heres a better list in no real order

1. Bioware (ME, ME2 and Dragon Age)
2. Epic (GoW, GoW 2 and Shadow Complex)
3. 2k (Bioshock, Bioshock 2)
4. Rocksteady (Batman: AA)
5. Ubisoft (AC, AC2 and PoP)
6. Naughty Dog (UC, UC2)
7. Double Fine (Butal Legend)
8. Turn 10 (Forza 2 , Forza 3)

3267d ago
Ravage273267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

The last i check, it's a list of TOP 8 devs, so wth is T10 doing there? My god, there are so many better choices like GG,SuckerPunch, Bioware, Insomniac,FromSoftware,Rock*,B ethesda,etc...And it is IMPOSSIBLE to not add PD if t10 is there, considering that GT is way more successful and recognised.

I would also replace Epic with Capcom. As disappointing as some of their games were (DMC4), they consistently pumps out decent titles every year and i had more fun playing RE5 co-op(that's the only way to play it) than gears.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3268d ago

Burn 10 shouldn't be on that list.

WIIIS13267d ago

Haha! Where's Poly Phoney? What a disgrace that they didn't make a PS site's top 8 list but their competition did!

RadientFlux3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

You know for Sony only website, their developer list wasn't too PS3 focused.

Of course I would have placed a few other developers on the list and probably had them in a different order, based on my own gaming preferences.

@DavePSU : Of course its PS3 focused, since it is a PS3 site. It's just rare for a console-specific website to give credit to an exclusive developer for another system.

DavePSU3268d ago

5/8 develop for the PS3 -- three have done so exclusively on the games mentioned pretty much. I think it has a strong enough PS3 focus.

DavePSU3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Well, I thought it was only fair that if I'm taking an entire generation of gaming into account, I have to give credit to all developers who put time and effort into delivering their product. I'll always be a gamer first before anything else. While the site I run is ps3-centric, it's only because that's the console I play on most, so I feel most comfortable covering it as a whole.

Syronicus3267d ago

That's because PS3 fans are mature adults that will admit to giving credit where credit is due. Granted, I do not agree with the list but have to admit that there are some devs out there that are more loyal to the 360 that I would have voted for this gen. We PS3 fans tend to be more mature about it while the 360 folks just feel the need to bash all things Sony.

Relientk773268d ago

Naughty Dog
Insomniac Games
Infinity Ward

WildArmed3268d ago

Think GoW3 devs deserve a spot.
Turn 10.. not really.
Vavle is another good dev.
Quite a few good Sony 1st n 2nd party dev teams too

DavePSU3268d ago

Yeah, it's really hard to nail it down to 8, but I wanted to stay with the "Top 8" trend that I've established for my lists thus far.

I would have liked to add about 5-7 more developers, lol.

WildArmed3268d ago

Yeah I bet. With that said, thanks to the release of Uncharted 2 ND has secured the first spot for quite awhile.

Downandout3268d ago

I say take turn 10 out the list, slot valve in 4th and shove the others down 1 notch and then that list is pretty good.

Odion3267d ago

whoa whoa whoat has been doing the Top 8 thing for years!

NewZealander3267d ago

my fave devs.

naughty dog
insomniac (even though they dont make much)

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