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IGN UK Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Martin Robinson from IGN UK writes: "It's unfortunate that the gameplay doesn't scale the heights of the production values, for while the gunplay is solid its relentlessness becomes weary towards the finale. But any misgivings aren't enough to derail the immensely enjoyable rollercoaster ride and Uncharted 2's wealth of character easily overcomes our gripes. As a spectacle it's without compare, its epic vistas and rip-roaring set pieces combining with writing and pacing of a quality that's alien to most videogames, helping to create one of this generation's most charming adventures."

9.0 Presentation
A minimal front-end, but when it's in full-flow the lack of intrusion underlines the game's cinematic credentials.

10 Graphics
Quite simply the best looking game around, with impressive tech matched by excellent art design.

9.5 Sound
The guns and grenades do what you expect them to, but it's Nolan North and co. who steal the show.

8.0 Gameplay
It doles out its parts with wit, but each element fails to wow in isolation.

8.5 Lasting Appeal
The multiplayer is more than generous, as is the single player's 12 hour running time. (PS3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves) 9.0/10

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Zones   1834d ago | Spam
ross102  +   1834d ago
seems harsh 9.5 minumum for this.
Darkstorn  +   1834d ago
I suppose. It is a bit shocking to see IGN have a significantly lower score on UC2 than on the notoriously tough Gamespot.
Kimbo Slice  +   1834d ago
so obvious why they did this..
for hits and to stand out from the glut of reviews

8'5 lasting appeal but you state 12 hours and praise multiplayer....EPIC FAIL IGN a joke just like videogamer,gamedaily and gamespy
Kattleox  +   1834d ago
I agree
It seems to me like they are just trying to make their mark on metacritic--and obviously for the hits. I mean, they make their money off of ads, and if they don't get tons of hits then they don't get much money. I think we keep forgetting its a business and that this is their way of getting paid and feeding the family.

Not that it deserves anything less than 10s, but I certainly understand why you would do this.
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klashawnd  +   1834d ago
IGN UK Gears of War 2 score
Gears of War 2:

9.5 Presentation
There’s no doubting the production values are magnificent and it’s a superbly polished game. Cut-scenes, too, are excellent but occasionally break up the action a little too abruptly.

10 Graphics
The Unreal Engine 3 has never looked better. Characters and enemies are bursting with detail while the levels are a masterclass in style and design.

8.5 Sound
The musical score is rousing and sound effects blistering. Shame, then, that its marred by irritating and clichéd dialogue delivery.

9.0 Gameplay
Gears 2 plays almost exactly the same as the original, which is no bad thing. The cover system and multiplayer game has been tightened too.

8.5 Lasting Appeal
The 10-hour single-player campaign is even better with a mate in co-op and while the collection of multiplayer modes offers little new it’s still a lot of fun.

(out of 10 / not an average)

----------------------------- --------

So Gears has a better presentation than Uncharted 2?!? Sorry, I beg to differ and I thought Gears 2 was a great game. While I can't say that UC2's gameplay is better than Gears 2 (that's one thing going for Gears, it's pretty smooth), I will say that an 8.0 is just way too low for UC2. With that said, IGN UK is usually the lower of the bunch so I shouldn't be surprised. As for lasting appeal - UC2, from what I've played, seems to have much more "lasting appeal" than Gears 2 with all of the multiplayer modes and a 12 hour campaign. Can't really be mad at a 9 but in my opinion UC2>Gears 2
Lifendz  +   1834d ago
If this is a 9
then I would love to see a 9.5. I've been playing games for over 20 years now and this game is easily in my top ten. Maybe top five.
mint royale  +   1834d ago
I wonder why no one complained at Gears of War 'only' getting 8.5? Seriously 9/10 is a good score - a brilliant game - AAA why has this changed suddenly? Its like it cannot be given a 9.5 without the itsnotfairpolice jumping on it claiming bias. Im thankful that there is still free speech and publications are not being bullied into giving scores.

Uncharted 2 is a fantastic AAA game. It has average scores well into the 90s and is going to sell a truckload (and not one publication has said don't buy it). Yet still there are the usual complaints of bias. Its pathetic really. I can't wait to play Uncharted 2 and I'll be getting my copy this week. Naughty deserve big sales.
thereapersson  +   1834d ago
Funny, innit?
Gears and Halo get applauded for their lack of any real progression, and the fact that the game play remains the same from the previous games. PS3 exclusives like Killzone 2 and Uncharted get nitpicked and scrutinized -- Uncharted 2 in particular for this review -- with people making claims that the gameplay isn't "original enough".

Hey, at least he didn't give it lower than a 9. Still bullsh1t reasons to complain about the game itself, however.
SouljaBoyTellem  +   1834d ago
Man what you talkin bout, get the f*ck outta hear wit that Uncharted 2 is better than Gears 2 sh*t. Gears is the sh*t, nah mean. I'm still on Live handing out headshots to whoeva daily so if you want some come get some gamertag souljaboytellem holla at me SODMG head honcho believe dat.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   1834d ago
It must hurt wanting to give Uncharted 2 a low score, but not being able to give it less than 9.
mal_tez92  +   1834d ago
8 for gameplay?
Shooting better than Gears of War. Improved platforming. Improved melee system. Enhanced puzzles.

Where did they lose 2 points?
Immortal Kaim  +   1834d ago
Agree Mint
It's called an opinion, there isn't really a simpler concept...

Wait...Isn't it out now in the US? WTF aren't you playing it instead of complaining?

Out in Aus tomorrow, can't wait to get my hands on it.
NoBias  +   1833d ago
I've been slightly annoyed by all the complaints from people on here about the reviews not being high enough but...
AN 8.0 FOR GAMEPLAY???!!!!

They need to slap themselves... Twice... I'm on Chapter 12 right now and I'm currently trying to piece my brain back together on account of my mind being blown from playing this game. This seriously is the best single player experience I've ever had in a game and I'm not even halfway done.

I know it's starting to sound cliche but I'm serious, this game raises the bar stupidly high. I'm talkin so high you can barely notice that there's a bar up there.

I wouldn't be surprised to see all 2010 games get pushed to 2011 after every game developer gets their hands on this haha.
callahan09  +   1834d ago
What a joke. You have to look at this like they're choosing to remove 10 points (9.9 would be 1 point off, 9.5 would be 5 points off, etc.). What is the justification? Their complaints about the action are ambiguous and meaningless, and purely trifling crap grounded on their baseless opinion. What's the actual FAULT with the game? IGN has lost their touch, they've been reviewing EVERYTHING stupidly for the last year and a half.
MNicholas  +   1834d ago
8 for gameplay?
Is it really a such a boring game?
gdguide  +   1834d ago
Just wondering why they would give a game with a 12 hour single player + co op modes + deep MP modes + photo mode + Machima mode an 8.5 for lasting appeal? They really gave no reason for a lower score. This is one of those games that is offering a LOT more lasting appeal than most games coming out this year. As for gameplay getting repetitive? Has anyone played Gears 1/2? Resistance 1/2? L4D1? Killzone 2? They should have scored it probably a 9.5 and know it.
dreamcast  +   1834d ago
Who cares? Go buy the game! I'm putting it in now =D
Obelisk92  +   1834d ago
"Has anyone played Gears 1/2? Resistance 1/2? L4D1? Killzone 2?"

... or Halo 3? lol
thegood33  +   1834d ago
Maybe the online modes really aren't that much fun. Cuz in case you have forgotten, you can throw twenty differnet online modes on a game but if it aint that fun who cares?
ross102  +   1834d ago
ign uk
always seems to score lower then the american ign.
WildArmed  +   1834d ago
BlackPrince 42  +   1834d ago
Gloss over the finer points much?
Every criticism is vague and the review itself barely mentions that there is a multiplayer component. I would have expected a more thorough review from IGN UK, very dissapointing.
TheBand1t  +   1834d ago
Oh lord....watch everyone freak out because of the score...
solar  +   1834d ago
would you expect anything less from this fan base?

i found a place to rent the game today thankfully. should be a good romp with Nathan again :)
thematrix1298  +   1834d ago
IGN=FAIL, I guess we knew that a long time ago.
Aquarius  +   1834d ago
Should receive my copy in the mail tomorrow...
I can only use my imagination on how wonderful Uncharted 2 is atm :)

I just hope my PS3 doesn't scratch the disc when I put it in.....oh wait!
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komp  +   1834d ago
When every game comes with a demo I am sure these reviewers opinions will fall by the way side as most people will be able to make their own mind up. Here's hoping.

So long as it sells well and I know we already enjoy the game who cares what any reviewer thinks.
ninjagoat  +   1834d ago
IGN fakof
ross102  +   1834d ago
does this affect...
the metacritic score or is it only the american IGN score that counts?
UnSelf  +   1834d ago
lol y did u get so many disagrees?
_vx  +   1834d ago
only the real IGN , this one is = to a blog, no one gives a flaying crap about the UK reviews LOL, i bet the guy reviewed this while sitting with his Xbox MATES in'a bar whining on how good this game is and they can't give it <9 haha
#13.2 (Edited 1834d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ross102  +   1834d ago
xbox fanboys and idiots!
jjohan35  +   1833d ago
IGN UK is averaged in the metacritic score too. For every game IGN UK score is listed.
meetajhu  +   1834d ago
IGN uk is meant to underrate most of the PS3 games. So no worries.
clintos59  +   1834d ago
I guess ign uk thought gears of war 2 was a better game then uncharted 2?
Since they gave it a 9.2 and gears of war 2 wasnt even a canidate for GOTY08. And for them to nitpick the hell out of uncharted 2 just shows how crappy this review is. Give the fu**en game its props already because we all know uncharted 2 will be GOTY this year.
TheMART   1834d ago | Spam
Mallow  +   1834d ago
9.0 Isn't a bad score but I am shocked that this got a 9.0 while they gave Brutal Legend 9.3 but still not a bad score. I'm really shocked a site hasn't given it a really bad score just for hits.
#17 (Edited 1834d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jamescagney  +   1834d ago
Nitpicking, it's fun for everyone!
JonnyBigBoss  +   1834d ago
Bad review scores are bad. Seriously, the reviewer has no idea what he's talking about.
bekum_aka_jarhed  +   1834d ago
Double07  +   1834d ago
Yeah because everyone in the UK wrote this review and fully agrees with every single word of it..

arsenal55  +   1834d ago
Yeah IGN UK always has lower scores for gun games then US.. Thats why i never follow UK when it comes to gun games lol
bunbun777  +   1834d ago
Knowing that the UK does definitely have not so tolerant a view on "gunplay" could this have factored into this score, as well as other games of the violent variety? Interesting-- a 9 is cool but them giving a 8.5 on replay is daft. I have replayed the demo alot, and I see the multiplayer as being something I will revisit alot as well.
AliTheBrit  +   1834d ago
F*ck you, we have no problems here in the greatest country on earth.
weazel  +   1834d ago
uk gives gun games poor scores?
Uh, no. Generally much of a muchness. IGN is being annoyingly picky in this case, but suppose cabela and america's most wanted's sales did'nt go down so well in the UK. Halo, Killzone,etc seemed to do ok.
i3EY  +   1834d ago
poor little xbot Bitc3
tired cuz he only had 1 halo this year........go play your sh1t box
i3EY  +   1834d ago
score is still good at its lowest point

Suck it
Voozi  +   1834d ago
I lol'd

**Uncharted 2**
8.5 Lasting Appeal
The multiplayer is more than generous, as is the single player's 12 hour running time.

**Gears 2**
9.5 Lasting Appeal
Supposing they can fix the few multiplayer issues, theres nothing stopping Gears 2 from ruling Xbox Live for some time to come. The photo mode is a great addition, too.

- Multiplayer Issues out of the box
- Cinema Mode > Photo Mode
- Longer campaign then Gears 2

But still scores lower in this department lol

But 9 is still a great score though. Now I just have to break away from the Demon's Souls addiction to get the game lol
#23 (Edited 1834d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Glen95  +   1834d ago
Ha, most of you are total idiots. So what if it got a 9.0? It's somebody's opinion; opinions vary.

9.0 is still a great score anyway.
SupaPlaya  +   1834d ago
You are absolutely right,
how dare we question it!

It's confirmed! Anybody who questions is automatically labeled an ID10T!

Yes 9 is still a great score. I think it's the negative effect of people getting used to seeing the 10/10 and 5/5.
#24.1 (Edited 1834d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MiloGarret  +   1834d ago
no... but calling the review moronic, stupid, wrong etc IS idiotic. It's an opinion, neither more or less correct than that of the winy fanboys hanging around this place (not you..).

Great score, I get the game tomorrow.
SupaPlaya  +   1834d ago
bubble up for sensible post.
Digitaldude  +   1833d ago
If the score was justified then its a different story.
I'm slowly losing faith in IGN after this UK review and Halo ODST review. I may jump ship to gamespot as my review central.
DanSolo  +   1834d ago
I really don't get why people worry about this sh1t so much!

The dude is obviously needlessly nit-picking... and yet he still gave it a good score. Which to me just states that if even someone of that type of mentality can't fault the game then its obviously very good.

I will be playing the game and not giving a sh1t about his, or anyone else's opinion but my own!
SupaPlaya  +   1834d ago
I think a lot of people
have mentioned this before.

It doesn't have to do with the score. It has to do with double standards and inconsistencies.

Otherwise it's like there is an unspoken rule of as long as a game gets decent score we must never question the reasoning behind it.

For me personally, I wish they remove scoring all together. That way we get to question it without everyone saying: "x.x is a great score whoever complains it's an idiot". It'll be like someone saying 10-12 hour game is short and a 6-8 hours game is long and we can't complain because he put a score of 9 on the game.
#25.1 (Edited 1834d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
dkgshiz  +   1834d ago
They probably gave it a 9.....
due to the fact UC2 comes out in two days in the UK.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   1834d ago
COME ON THE U.K!!! :-/
Stop supporting the xBox 360 and Micro$oft!!! :-/

'Broken Britain'???...i wonder why??? ;-D

Anyway mine is in the POST!!! ;-P
#27 (Edited 1834d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Aquarius  +   1834d ago
did you pre-order from SHOPTO.NET?
Kakihara  +   1834d ago
All I know is the Beta entertained me longer than most other full games do and I'm not usually a multiplayer fan. I'm also halfway through my third play through of Drake's fortune and loving it (I'm in the UK so I still have 3 days to kill) I haven't even started a second play through on any other ps3 game I own either (I've only had the console a short time). So as long as it's as good as Drake's fortune and they don't remove the multiplayer I see it having a pretty good lasting appeal.
thereapersson  +   1834d ago
This review doesn't really matter much
I don't even pay attention to the UK side of things because they're always coming up with some odd reason why something deserves to be nitpicked.

Game Informer has already given their score -- hell, EUROGAMER of all places even gave this a 10 -- which is all that really matters.

Now I'm just waiting for EDGE to deliver their 8.
i like jam  +   1834d ago
please dont start with this sh*t with scores again. in my books a 9.0 is a great score. im still frigging buying the game.
had enough of this scores sh*t on Gametrailers
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