JTag Port on PS3 Blu-ray Drive Board Located and Mapped

Developers at DemonHades have located and mapped the JTag Port on a PS3 Blu-ray drive board today.

A rough English translation is at the via link.

Edit: The Via link includes an English translation.

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MAiKU3320d ago

This all sounds way too risky to try. Especially though some kind of thing that allows a developer to come in and try something....

I dunno... i'm not good with programming lingo, but it does sound like a lot of work to do just to get to the firmware right? Not only that, if word gets to sony that someone found this they'd just release something to block that from ever happening right?

Piracy on this console... is kinda lame to think of in my opinion... now getting the console to do some neat things through hacking is something i'd be intrigued about but never try.