Tony Hawk Ride Impressions

DualShockers Writes:

"Tony Hawk Ride is the next iteration of skateboarding brought to your living room with a very cool controller, but how will it translate to the average gamer? i had a chance to watch some people play Tony Hawk Ride and a couple of things jumped out at me quickly: I have a strong concern for both the safety of and the longevity of the controller..."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E2987d ago

Still not sold on this game, don't know how durable that controller will be.

BROOKLYN N-M-E2987d ago

Another doofy peripheral for my room!

dangert122987d ago

What Are You Willin 2 Buy There's Loads More LOL ;)

taz80802987d ago

I think this may be a problem for Activision as i can see some people getting hurt and suing the company

taz80802987d ago

The board is cool, oit of Back to the Future but what else will you use it for?

iiprotocolii2987d ago

Ever seen that move Observe and Report? You can ride in a wagon with it and hit skater kids in the back of the head as you drive right along side them.

iiprotocolii2987d ago

I can't really say I'm attracted to this game. I personally prefer the old Tony Hawk. And when I say old, I mean from the N64/PSOne era.

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