Sony Set To Launch Game Cards for the PSPgo

In an attempt to keep retailers selling the PSPgo, Sony is reportedly going to start selling redeemable "Game cards" at retail.

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gaffyh3350d ago

Good idea by Sony to try and fix retail relations imo, although how much of a cut will retailers get from the card?

Ron_Burgundy3350d ago

a very good idea by Sony, even more of a reason for me to buy a Go


There already tons of game cards ALREADY OUT! At future shop in Canada, they been OUT FOR A WHILE!!

Jeff2573350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

They had a few at Best Buy today as well. I saw Patapon 2, GT, Secret Agent Clank, SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 2, and GOW: Chains Of Olympus.

facelike3350d ago

They used those to probably test the waters. They must have liked the results cause they are going with this.

lalalala3349d ago

I haven't seen any of these, seems like they were a test run, because they weren't available everywhere.

Dellis3350d ago


its over folks

jhooty143349d ago

website is so haloized lol

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