Tabloid Rages Against Modern Warfare 'Perverts'

IncGamers reports on a UK tabloid's recent attack on Modern Warfare 2's Prestige Edition, which claims that the night-vision goggles included will turn gamers into "an army of ogling pervs."

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AndyA2981d ago

Lol, good old Star. They should stick to tits.

Leord2981d ago

Hehe, they do THAT well at the very least :)

ginganinja2981d ago

I've just read the piece in the Star and it's hardly a 'rage'!
From the tone of it, and the general readership of the Star, it's more of an advert

Maticus2981d ago

Well, it's the Daily Star... what do you expect??

Lucreto2981d ago

Another one of Murdochs rags. It is a waste of newsprint. It is not even worthy as loo roll.