World of Goo coming to iPhone

The finest game ever to have a Wii controller pointed at it, World of Goo, has just enjoyed its first birthday, and in in celebration developer 2D Boy has announced that an iPhone adaptation is in the works.

"It's not done and we don't have a release date yet," The Sign Painter teases on the official website. "We have it running well on the iphone 3GS, and with a little luck we hope to get it running smoothly on the 3G as well. Hopefully more news on this soon."

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Hobgoblin3322d ago

Holy hell! This is the game the Wii was made for! It'll work beautifully on the iPhone, too.

Shiva3322d ago

The iPhone's getting all the good new IPs just now. Bet the PSPgo is feeling a bit jealous right now...

Haggar3322d ago

I loved this on the Wii. Tiki Towers and Moonlights were just keeping the App Store warm for this.

Hobgoblin3322d ago

Yeah, those were pretty sweet, but you can't beat the original.

SpoonyRedMage3322d ago

Awesome, more people who get to play this gem, the better.

Gostosa3322d ago

I haven't found any games worth buying for my iPhone, but this one might be the first.

Anyone know any other good games worth actually paying for?

Hobgoblin3322d ago

Millions of 'em, dude. Flight Control, Real Racing, Zen Bound and about 10,000 others :-)

And soon, World of Goo, of course.

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