EVE: Dominion Testers Wanted

CCP has put out a call for players who want to test the upcoming EVE Online expansion, Dominion.

A tentative test schedule has been released, where players will try out fleet vs. fleet combat and a Starbase siege.

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Medievaldragon3322d ago

gee, how old is Eve already?

Redrudy3322d ago

It's about 5 years old I think.

Maticus3322d ago

Sounds like they're pretty desperate for testers o.O

Leord3322d ago

The MMO for adults :)

Malfurion3322d ago

Aren't they leaving it a bit late?

Dorjan3322d ago

I guess you should be an existing EVE player to do this right?

Perjoss3322d ago

maybe its a new approach, getting feedback from 'outsiders'. Feedback from a fresh perspective and a way to get more people to try EVE for free, 2 birds, 1 stone. A nice idea i think.