Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth unveiled in Famitsu

An image taken of a page in the latest Famitsu reveals the first screenshots of Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth in addition to a release date for Japan.

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Valay3268d ago

It's releasing in Japan in two weeks, so hopefully it'll release in other territories around that time as well.

Iceman1003268d ago

Only possible on the wii :)

koehler833268d ago

I guess Konami really was watching Mega Man 9. I think they missed the part where MM9 was released on all consoles though.

darthv723268d ago

be nice to see a recreation of the original metal gear and mg 2 in 16bit style.

This announcement is kind of old though. It was revealed several months ago that there was to be a castlevania game for their rebirth series. Now what other rebirth games could be made?

I am thinking they have to be games that have spanned more than just 1-2 sequels.

Although...rocket knight adventures is being remade in more than just a rebirth fashion. That is getting a full on overhaul.

Quadrix3268d ago

Wow. It seems Konami intends to whore Capcom's idea for all it's worth.

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