Starcraft II Beta Imminent?

Blizzard Entertainment has set a deadline to convert World of Warcraft accounts to a account on or before November 11th. speculates Starcraft II beta is getting closer to be announced.

At BlizzCon 2009, the press kit CD contained images of 2.0 interface which showed the Starcraft II friend list and World of Warcraft friend list sharing players among each game via

The reason Starcraft II beta did not start in the summer according to Bob Kotick was that 2.0 was not ready.

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DJDarkstar2986d ago

Aye it looks promising, Since we are supposed to be only waiting on this :D Sounds very good indeed.

Leord2986d ago

I felt late last year that the beta would start early 2009, and I actually had good sources indicating an ~April release of the beta.

However, even with no official dates, Blizzard is prone to delays, and now I hope it's this fall!

Xulfxulf2986d ago

christ in a corndog. finally! I was thinking we had another ghost on our hands, here.

Leord2986d ago

There has been SO many different rumour about this over the year...

Still, the only reason SC2 beta is delayed is 2.0, so that deadline could very well be important.

Recka2986d ago

:D Sounds like awesome :) Can't wait for this or 2

Dorjan2986d ago


AndyA2986d ago

Another "imminent beta" story?

Medievaldragon2986d ago

Beta was imminent in the Summer, but Bob Kotick informed 2.0 wasn't quitely there to begin with thus it got delayed until was ready.

The reasoning that Starcraft 2 beta is now imminent is that all wow players are now forced to convert their accounts to a account -- thus this will ensure the functionality of the cross-server friend list enabling it for WoW and Starcraft II beta.

So once this step for WoW players is done, they can announce Starcraft II beta any minute after November 11th.

AndyA2986d ago

So the announcement is a month away at least? Imminent, indeed.

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