Splinter Cell: Conviction to offer 10-12 hours gameplay

Msxbox-World spoke with Steve Masters of Ubisoft at the recent X09 event in Canada and unearthed some interesting news about the length of the forthcoming stealth em up.

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Feral Gamer3269d ago

That's more generous than most games this generation. Unfortunately I don't own a 360. The game sounds pretty cool, though.

NewZealander3269d ago

yeah it is looking pretty good, with any luck it might be worth picking up.

GamerPS3603269d ago

I have never played any Sam's Fisher game but I am going to give this game a try. It looks to be good game.

gaffyh3269d ago

Sounds like a normal amount of gameplay, wonder if it will have any online?

vhero3269d ago

Final Fantasy 13 will offer 4-5 times than that what's his point? 1/4 time means I shall pay 1/4 price? I doubt it so he should shut up like that's a long time for a game because its not.

Zack Sawyer3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Whats YOUR point? You're comparing the gameplay time of an RPG to a stealth action game. RPG titles have traditionally had more hours than other games, its been like that for years. The only genre that can compete with those hours these days is racing.

10-12 hours is plenty of time for those who work and cant sit down playing games all day.

no_more_trolling3269d ago

stupid comment

how can u compare 2 different genres

talltony3269d ago

This is pretty much the only exclusive xbox 360 game I want. But if Alan wake is good I'll get that too.

Blaze9293269d ago

Cant freakin wait. Pre-ordered with release date delivery and ready to go.

sunil3269d ago

I would take this information with a pinch of salt... Remember Ubi said the same thing about Prince of Persia as well... when they claimed 10-12 hrs, me of all people finished it in 7 (and i know people who finished it in 6)

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Ron_Burgundy3269d ago

PS3 version that is...

and if it's not expect to get past the intro on the 3rd disk

Stryfeno23269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

That's because the game have to be install before every chapter on the PS3.

N4G king3269d ago

"That's because the game have to be install before every chapter on the PS3."

what dose that got to do with the number of disks ???

WildArmed3269d ago

@1.2 i believe its a reference to MGS4 n how it made fun of DVD yet it had installs for each chapter..

ofc Uncharted 2 just blows everyone out of the water.

xcox3269d ago

i guess life must be a little bland if you can't get uncharted2...
fortunately there's crumbs and lots of morons to share your crumbs eating experience with


3269d ago
xcox3269d ago

"I guess life must be a little bland if all that you have to play is Uncharted 2"

let me see...
i could rebuke this easily with a recap of this year's amazing ps3 exclusive lineup but i won't even bother for one simple reason:

uncharted 2 is so [email protected] good that just by itself, it poops all over the entire 360 lineup. i don't think 'bland' will ever be associated with such a stroke of gaming genius

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Halo3 MLG Pro3269d ago

I hope they have the same cutting edge and innovative multi player as in Chaos Theory. I can't wait to hear more about it.

Microsoft Xbox 3603269d ago

Too bad the bots won't make it pass the first 2 hours.

3269d ago
DelbertGrady3269d ago

12 hours of gameplay. That's 3 times more than what MGS4 offered.

callahan093269d ago

Took me 24 hours according to the in-game clock to beat MGS4, which included watching the cutscenes. Believe it or not, cutscenes are part of the experience. They provide entertainment. The cutscenes in MGS4 are action-packed, intriguing, thrilling, thought-provoking, revelatory. I don't know how many hours worth of cutscenes I watched in MGS4, but something tells me it wasn't more than 12-14 hours worth, but even if it was somehow that many, then it means the gameplay alone was still just as long as Conviction's campaign.

droid and bot3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

LOL @ xboxfanboys

MGS is long
longer than you think
it just you got to do it with style
if you just shoot you way you'll end it in 8-9 hours but that wont get you any score - rank
i haven't finished my MGS4 yet
im half way now but i stoped because i got tests now

i remember it toke me 2 weeks
just to get fox hound ( the best ) rank in MGS3 in the PS2
i got around the whole game with out firing a single bullet ( only in boss fights and the bikes chase level because you got to shoot it in it )

and that's how you should play MGS
and this who kojima wants you to play it
That’s why they call it "stealth" game

chrisulloa3269d ago

There are more cutscenes in MGS4 than gameplay.

WildArmed3269d ago

a FPS junkie wont understand what n how the MGS world works.

Why do you think your getting MGS:R 'lighitng bolt action', instead of the highly acclaimed MGS series of Naked Snake and his sons.

xcox3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

"That's 3 times more than what MGS4 offered"

yeah, if you suck and quit like a n00b.

owned, xb!tch

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