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Splinter Cell: Conviction to offer 10-12 hours gameplay

Msxbox-World spoke with Steve Masters of Ubisoft at the recent X09 event in Canada and unearthed some interesting news about the length of the forthcoming stealth em up. (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, Xbox 360)

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Feral Gamer  +   1933d ago
That's more generous than most games this generation. Unfortunately I don't own a 360. The game sounds pretty cool, though.
NewZealander  +   1933d ago
yeah it is looking pretty good, with any luck it might be worth picking up.
GamerPS360  +   1933d ago
I have never played any Sam's Fisher game but I am going to give this game a try. It looks to be good game.
gaffyh  +   1933d ago
Sounds like a normal amount of gameplay, wonder if it will have any online?
vhero  +   1933d ago
Final Fantasy 13 will offer 4-5 times than that what's his point? 1/4 time means I shall pay 1/4 price? I doubt it so he should shut up like that's a long time for a game because its not.
Zack Sawyer  +   1933d ago
@ vhero
Whats YOUR point? You're comparing the gameplay time of an RPG to a stealth action game. RPG titles have traditionally had more hours than other games, its been like that for years. The only genre that can compete with those hours these days is racing.

10-12 hours is plenty of time for those who work and cant sit down playing games all day.
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no_more_trolling  +   1933d ago
stupid comment

how can u compare 2 different genres
talltony  +   1933d ago
This is pretty much the only exclusive xbox 360 game I want. But if Alan wake is good I'll get that too.
Blaze929  +   1933d ago
Cant freakin wait. Pre-ordered with release date delivery and ready to go.
sunil  +   1933d ago
I would take this information with a pinch of salt... Remember Ubi said the same thing about Prince of Persia as well... when they claimed 10-12 hrs, me of all people finished it in 7 (and i know people who finished it in 6)
JonnyBigBoss  +   1933d ago
@Feral Gamer
It'll be on PC as well.
Ron_Burgundy  +   1933d ago
PS3 version that is...

and if it's not expect to get past the intro on the 3rd disk
Stryfeno2  +   1933d ago
That's because the game have to be install before every chapter on the PS3.
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N4G king  +   1933d ago
"That's because the game have to be install before every chapter on the PS3."

what dose that got to do with the number of disks ???
WildArmed  +   1933d ago
@1.2 i believe its a reference to MGS4 n how it made fun of DVD yet it had installs for each chapter..

ofc Uncharted 2 just blows everyone out of the water.
xcox  +   1933d ago
i guess life must be a little bland if you can't get uncharted2...
fortunately there's crumbs and lots of morons to share your crumbs eating experience with

buying1999   1933d ago | Spam
xcox  +   1933d ago
"I guess life must be a little bland if all that you have to play is Uncharted 2"

let me see...
i could rebuke this easily with a recap of this year's amazing ps3 exclusive lineup but i won't even bother for one simple reason:

uncharted 2 is so fr@ggin good that just by itself, it poops all over the entire 360 lineup. i don't think 'bland' will ever be associated with such a stroke of gaming genius
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   1933d ago
I hope they have the same cutting edge and innovative multi player as in Chaos Theory. I can't wait to hear more about it.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   1933d ago
Too bad the bots won't make it pass the first 2 hours.
buying1999   1933d ago | Spam
DelbertGrady  +   1933d ago
12 hours of gameplay. That's 3 times more than what MGS4 offered.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   1933d ago
N4G king  +   1933d ago
lol you wish
callahan09  +   1933d ago
Took me 24 hours according to the in-game clock to beat MGS4, which included watching the cutscenes. Believe it or not, cutscenes are part of the experience. They provide entertainment. The cutscenes in MGS4 are action-packed, intriguing, thrilling, thought-provoking, revelatory. I don't know how many hours worth of cutscenes I watched in MGS4, but something tells me it wasn't more than 12-14 hours worth, but even if it was somehow that many, then it means the gameplay alone was still just as long as Conviction's campaign.
droid and bot  +   1933d ago
LOL @ xboxfanboys

MGS is long
longer than you think
it just you got to do it with style
if you just shoot you way you'll end it in 8-9 hours but that wont get you any score - rank
i haven't finished my MGS4 yet
im half way now but i stoped because i got tests now

i remember it toke me 2 weeks
just to get fox hound ( the best ) rank in MGS3 in the PS2
i got around the whole game with out firing a single bullet ( only in boss fights and the bikes chase level because you got to shoot it in it )

and that's how you should play MGS
and this who kojima wants you to play it
That’s why they call it "stealth" game
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chrisulloa  +   1933d ago
There are more cutscenes in MGS4 than gameplay.
WildArmed  +   1933d ago
a FPS junkie wont understand what n how the MGS world works.

Why do you think your getting MGS:R 'lighitng bolt action', instead of the highly acclaimed MGS series of Naked Snake and his sons.
xcox  +   1933d ago
"That's 3 times more than what MGS4 offered"

yeah, if you suck and quit like a n00b.

owned, xb!tch
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artgamer  +   1933d ago
Unchartet better.
lh_swe  +   1933d ago
First of all learn to spell.
Secondly you can possibly know that since I doubt you have played either, there is no doubt Uncharted 2 will blow some minds and melt some faces but there is no saying that SC won't do the exact same thing.

Please wake the f*** up and realise how blind you really are.
Tinted Eyes  +   1933d ago
Actually he could have played it.
lh_swe  +   1933d ago
Fair enough he could have played Uncharted 2.
But I doubt that he's seen more that some footage of SC Conviction.
WildArmed  +   1933d ago
But still. atm U2 looks like its gonna blow everything out of the water for awhile. (i mean if you play the game u'd know why)
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1933d ago
And with the multiplayer the layers of replay will be better.
vhero  +   1933d ago
Who says theres gonna be a multi-player and it would probably suck I mean ubisoft aren't exactly known for great online multi-player games on consoles are they?
Zack Sawyer  +   1933d ago
@ vhero
To my memory there has been multiplayer on Splinter Cell games since Pandora Tomorrow so it would be highly unlikely that they wouldnt include it on the latest addition to the series.

The multiplayer on those titles didnt suck it was actually really good, and you're also saying the multiplayer elements of such games like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon sucked aswell.

Why do you hate this game and Ubisoft so much?
Venatus-Deus  +   1933d ago
Actually the multiplayer rocks. Best i’ve played this or any generation. It would be the one reason why I’d get a 360 again if the game is not a timed exclusive.

I seriously loved it. Spy v mercs, 3 x 3 with one side a TPS and the other an FPS. Because the rooms are small you communicate more, thus make more friends. You have to learn both sides and they are very different. Now this is what I would call a team based/squad game.
There is nothing like it.

It’s also the first time I’ve agreed with Pro and Nastu. Here you can both have a bubble.

Here’s hoping it comes to the PS3.
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N2NOther  +   1933d ago
Who says theres gonna be a multi-player and it would probably suck I mean ubisoft aren't exactly known for great online multi-player games on conso...
First of all, all the Tom Clancy games this gen have had MP. Secondly, Ubisoft IS known for great online MP. The only game that didn't like the world on fire with it's MP was Far Cry 2 which is fine because the single player was fantastic and offered about 15-20 hours of gameplay. It would behoove you to know what you're talking about once in a while.
lh_swe  +   1933d ago
This game looks sweet.
Better not dissapoint (not that it will).

This Uncharted 2, Alan Wake, God of War III, Heavy Rain, GT5, Demon Souls, Maffia 2, MW2 etc OMG!I'm so excited!
XXXCouture  +   1933d ago
yeah, and assassins creed 2, MAG, final fantasy 13, left 4 dead 2, agent... man you could just keep on saying a awesome game after awesome game
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vhero  +   1933d ago
I'd remove MAG from your list mate....Unless you like disappointments..
XXXCouture  +   1933d ago
okay ill remove mag :(
pixelsword  +   1933d ago
Keep MAG on your list
The gameplay is solid as a rock, a list tweaks are in order, and I'm going to send one to one of the developers today, Lord willing.

It may be delayed a week or two, but worth it IF a couple of things go down. Think major tweaks, but no change in essential gameplay.
Venatus-Deus  +   1933d ago
@ Pixels
MAG seems to be very much a hit and miss with people.

For me the gameplay is OK, however they billed the game a command structured 256 team based shooter with and because of this it wouldn’t turn into a frag fest or cluster fvck. Well I think they solved this by just making the respawn points miles from the action. Other that than there is no command structure in most of the games. (oh and frags bounce off thin air)

Controls feel loose and copy COD, so straight away it’s apparent there’s a feeling of less accuracy. They also lack the satisfying feedback feeling that K2 gave.

Graphics... let’s be honest and say that it’s game play that matters.
Beta’s are about small changes to gamplay and getting the severs to run smoothly. I don’t expect too many changes.

Judged on its own the game IS solid. When you add COD, K2 and Halo3 then it becomes average. That for me means it’s a massive disappointment.
Darkseider  +   1933d ago
Remove MAG?
Are you serious? I have had the pleasure of playing the beta over a friends house for a few hours and I was thrilled. There is nothing comparable to this as far as FPS anywhere. Yes it has twitch controls similar to CoD but the scale of the warfare is outstanding. MAG weeds out the gung-ho kiddy rushers and firmly establishes squad tactics. Be assured this game isn't for everyone because you will get frustrated if you're used to being the hero and racking up uber kills. This game takes far more patience and you have to rely on your team to fulfill their goals as well. Otherwise your gonna get mowed down faster than you can blink. Absolutely excellent game for someone looking for a change of pace.
mastiffchild  +   1933d ago
MAG, as itis now really depends on who you get in your squad, imo, as to whether it works or not. If the first game you jump into has someone in charge of your squad who isn't a good comunicator then it can't half be a mare trying to do your frago's as people just don't seem tuned into the squad ethic at all when the leaders don't/can't tell you where to be etc. The times where I've been trying t do the actual mssion objectives and have ended up totally alone trying them is noones business.

Conversely, when you have a good chain of command and someone in your squad calling the shots really well it's an amazing game(esp if the other side seems on it's toes too!)but it's still suffering from far too many people trying to play it how they would COD4 and if you wanna play it propery that just kills it , imo, and leads to everyone isolated doing their own thing rather than progressing the game at all.

Thing is I've wasted enough of my life already waiting for/looking for decent teams/games of TF2 etc and worry MAG is going to be even more hamstrung by your dependence on players knowing how to play the game that aren't always interested in doing so. Hopefully they can find ways of making it easier and more appealing fr newbies to want to carry out their fragos rather than just go off loning it-perhaps it'l happen naturally when those playing actually paid for the experience, idk.

Whatever, when it's good it's amazing, imo, and they just need to get more people into doing what they're meant to as I think a lot of people just don't or can't get it at the minute-but there's some amazing fun to be had when it all clicks.

I'm pretty sure SC:C will be a great SP and solid MP myself but from your list I'd be worried about AC2 myself. The first game either really pleased you or you hated it for being dull and it needs a lot of work doing, all of which must stop the game getting repetitive and I'm not sure they can pull it off as the first game was a massive let down for me and it's the same people making the choices this time around. Waiting to see what modes they might come up with away from SP in that game though as a really clever MP/Co-op format would be incredible and very different from anything we've had yet. Not counting any AC2 chickens, though, after being so boringly let down the first time.
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spirited  +   1933d ago
gameplay times depend from player to player

but a nice way to boast games
WildArmed  +   1933d ago
Times given in official press release a bit longer then it'd take an avg. gamer to run through the game. Gonna wait for reviews to give a more accurate gameplay length it has to offer.
Im not much of a MPer, so its either Co-op or a nice long single player mode. other SC:C is gonna have to wait till the bargain bin.
Saaking  +   1933d ago
Make sure you report all problems betabots. We'll play the superior PS3 version.
kevinx1000  +   1933d ago
i gladly will play it before you. well.. not before you since you do play on the 360 anyway, but before the other droids.

baaaad excuses droids...
Halo_Reach  +   1933d ago
This and Alan Wake in 2010 will kick ASS!!!
PRe Ordered DONE !!!!!

Now im looking to 2009 , UnCharted 2 almost there and Forza 3 !!

Then in November the BIG Boy Modern Warfare 2 !!!
OO7  +   1933d ago
Then in November the BIG Boy
What you gettin yourself a dildo next month ?
Weirdo !!
kevinx1000  +   1933d ago
Halo_Reach  +   1933d ago
i dont need a dildo.
i fu** ur mom every night!
Sez  +   1933d ago
10-12 hours of gameplay. No long cut scenes. I'm sold. Day one purchase for me
bjornbear  +   1933d ago
Thats a standard acceptable amount of gameplay!
Js finished InFamous and that took me well over 15 hours! And NOW have to redo in evil mode =D! Felt just right

10-12 is fantastic, less than 9 is too short =S
NotSoSilentBob  +   1933d ago
10-12 hours of Game play is now acceptable yet when MGS4 came out it is not enough to have 10-12 game play hours and then an hour of cut scenes?
WildArmed  +   1933d ago
I loved MGS4 and all. But seriously?
the game had about 4-10 hour of gameplay (depending on mode n how you tackle the game + if u skip movies or not)

Kojima made the game VERY accessible and i respect that.

Loving the Big Boss Emblem
Snake Pliskin  +   1932d ago
Calm down boy..
you jacked your own c**k! Uncharted2 ,R&C , GOW HD, and Modern Warfare is all I need left this year botty boys!

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