Will Rockstar Top Naughty Dog With Agent?

Rockstar along with Naughty Dog are both Triple A game devs but friendly competition will always be apart of this industry as well as many others. With the E3?09 Announcement of AGENT coming from the GTA developers one can only wonder if Rockstar is out to prove something.

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manny8053351d ago

i fine it kool how you do this video articles.

somerandomdude3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Every time I click on a headline and I see that HHG's face pops up I get the feeling that I've just been "rick rolled"

Really I've been just been "HipHopGamered" Gets me every time. LOL.

WildArmed3351d ago

lol @1.1
Pretty much how i feel.
Im like DMN IT I shoulda known it was a HHG article. *clicks out with a sad face*

SnuggleBandit3351d ago

friendly competition...someone should send turn ten the memo

Darkeyes3351d ago

wow... I am really looking forward to what Agent actually is like, but this is ridiculous... I mean, we even don't know what the game is about and here we are talking about it dethroning the highest rated exclusive this gen...

And I didn't even need to see whose article it was... I read the headline and something inside screamed... HHG!!!!!!

SuperM3351d ago

When i read the headline i was like, is this hiphopgamer? Yes it was.

cryymoar3351d ago

but Rockstar has very high expectations to meet if they want to do that.
I am hands down blown away by Uncharted 2.
I just got done playing a little bit of SP and then some MP and I am just in awe of this game.
Even better than I expected.
It is 4AM, I am drowsy from my medication but I am staying up to continue this game.

Syronicus3351d ago

While R* wins with sheer shock and awe. ND makes a game using awesome graphics and great characters that we can fall in love with and a story that is extremely compelling while R* makes a game using homosexual references, sexual innuendos and cop killing, drug using/selling, alcohol abuse and hooker beatings... The media love both and sadly enough to say, with GTA4 getting such rave reviews and experiencing its mediocrity, I fear that R* will do it yet again and the media will fawn all over it like it is the second coming of Obama...

N4G king3351d ago

and maybe not

but i really dont care because i'll play them both on my PS3

all an all
AGENT would be epic

Mr Logic3351d ago

The same thing he spends 10 minutes talking about (pure bs) could be read in less than a minute if he just typed it.

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leeger3351d ago

this person needs to stfu

deeznuts3351d ago

Your momma never told you not to refer to yourself in the 3rd person?

C_SoL3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

You just need to stop being a hater.

& Let the man be.

If you have something offensive to say. Say it elsewhere. Because you sound like your b!tching about dumb sh!t.

On [email protected] HHG - I agree. I expect Rockstar North to give the same quality or almost the same quality of a game as Uncharted 2.

Don't let
us down Rockstar.

bjornbear3351d ago

Outch!! =P


Yea thats just insulting =/

Ravage273351d ago

GTA4 may have been disappointing(esp. after playing GTA:SA) but Rock* North is still one of the best devs out there.

I wonder if they can match the amount of polish ND put into UC2, but whatever it is, it's going to be extremely difficult to 1-up UC2.

OGharryjoysticks3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Good question. On one hand I would say yes because Agent isn't about to be released and that means they have time to do it better than U2, but on the other hand I am skeptical of Rockstar's commitment to Sony this gen and can totally see them just whipping together anything to be rid of Sony's exclusive contract.

EDIT- thanks for the thanks. And don't mind the retards here that complain about your sh.t because they're losers that don't have a site or anything to match what you put up. And it's actually cool there's somebody out there in media fighting for Sony fans with some positive coverage while every other Neal, Bob, and D!ck site seems to only give love to Microsoft. Keep it up

egm_hiphopgamer3351d ago

That's a good comment homey for real because i know that they are talented of enough but it's gonna take so much work for that to happen that it's almost unbeleiveable. Rockstar I doubt will put out just anything for the sake of fulfilling a contract because they are passionate about their titles and what ever has the rockstar named label on it they want to make sure that it's hot. it's not all about money with them well at least in my eyes. but thanks for a great comment dog for real.

morganfell3351d ago

I do not want to be rude but there isn't any other way to say it. The idea that Rockstar would just whip together something to be rid of Sony's contract is absurd. It is so far beyond common sense reasoning I can barely entertain the thought to comment upon it.

Rockstar has a reputation to look out for, they like turning out great titles, and throwing something together is a quick way to not get another exclusive contract from anyone, be it Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony.

Do you think they took the Agent contract with Sony because Kaz Hirai held a gun to their head? Hardly. They wanted to do it. It is also obvious from past Rockstar comments they they want to build this huge open world that is possible with Bluray and a HDD.

Outside of the game per se, Rockstar has to continue to churn out bona fide hits. Otherwise poorly produced products weaken the company and leave them and Take 2 subject to a hostile takeover which is something the company obviously does not want.

lh_swe3351d ago

That would imply, at least to some degree that Sony is a burden or someone Rockstar is reluctant to do business with and I doubt that, Sony and Rockstar do business because they can benefit each other, Rockstar knows that Sony is somewhat responsible for their immense success (GTA III) and vice versa. This doesn't just lead to them both having a lot of respect for each other and considering Rockstars deal with MS I'm sure they felt partly responsible to Sony, thus I think Agent was born, and ofcourse some money was probably thrown in the mix to make it official.

Sarcasm3351d ago

All I know is that I don't really have any hype for Agent unless I see a trailer or something.

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Mr Tretton3351d ago

Will Apples top Bananas with Oranges???

ExgamerLegends23351d ago

I've always been a fan of Jack Tretton's speeches.

DarkArcani3351d ago

that has to be the best random reply ever.

Sarcasm3351d ago

It already has. It's called Pineapple 2: Among Vegetables

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