Gamereactor: Scribblenauts Review

Bengt Lemne writes:

""Do not disturb. Scribbling." If I was a wearing a sign on my back these days this is probably what it would say. Scribblenauts has me scribbling on the bus, on the subway, on a bench, in the bathroom, and just about anywhere and anytime possible. It's having a negative effect on my social life, but at least it's helping me expand my active vocabulary.

There is something special about games that allows you to think creatively, to broaden your horizons, and allow you new experiences. Scribblenauts is one such game and I salute 5th Cell for making it."

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XXXCouture3347d ago

sooo... according to gamereactor, this game is better than U2?

ape0073347d ago

I guess they were drunk

ambientFLIER3347d ago

God Damnit...when will you guys understand how review scores work?