GamesThirst Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Ernice Gilbert of Gamesthirst writes: Seriously, forget the hype, this is reality. If you own a PS3, you must buy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and if you don't own a PS3, this is your reason to run to the closest store and pick one up. Uncharted 2 is easily game of the year, let's get that out of the way, because this game is doing battle for a bigger award. Naughty Dog's Treasure hunting action/adventure title, might as well be the best game ever made; yeah, it's that good.

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krouse933348d ago

Another Perfect 10/10 review for such an amazing game!

FrankDrebin3348d ago

to get this game! I was planning on going to the midnight launch at Gamestop tonight but received a call that all Gamestops in the region have canceled the event due to low number of pre-orders!


Now I have to wait until Gamestop opens!

Why didn't you guys pre-order??????

krouse933348d ago

I did Haha I called to make sure my place was doing a midnight launch and they asked if i wanted to preorder and they only had 3 preorders left to give out!

milked2themax3348d ago

reporting the review as fake. lulz

krouse933348d ago

I know I was like WTF Fanboy's have gotten really poor and stupid.

gta28003348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

It must have hurt him when he saw another 10/10 for Uncharted =P


TheDesperado3348d ago

Is this really the best game ever? *Pops in disc* Yes. Yes it is.

James Bond3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

*Spartan kicks 360 into hole*

rucky3348d ago

It's really weird that I don't feel hyped up at all, I probably learned my lesson when I got uber hyped for GTAIV. I'm also glad that i'm not since that'll make my experience with Uncharted 100x better.

gta28003348d ago

Good point. I've actually avoided all video reviews, video previews or anything I could in general and I've managed to do a good job compared to other games. I can't wait till later. Just a few more hours. I'm getting mine when I get off work but I bet work is gonna feel like an eternity!

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