Pachter: Brutal Legend will be the sleeper hit of the holiday season

Michael Pachter says that Brutal Legend will be the sleeper hit of the holiday season.

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somerandomdude3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

Demon's souls gets my vote for sleeper hit of the holiday's.

badz1493348d ago

this guy is crazy for publicity! he knows nothing about marketing at all!

BRG90003348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

I'm not sure you understand that he's not talking to us. He is an analyst for a finance management firm and he is talking to potential investors in these gaming companies. So yes, he is just reading reviews of the game and regurgitating what he finds... THAT IS HIS JOB. His intended audience would never spend time reading video game reviews.

The question is why the gaming community hangs on his every word. Literally every time he speaks in public it ends up a hot story on N4G, and that is the real mystery...

HolyOrangeCows3348d ago

...Brutal Legend will probably outsell Halo 3.


Sarcasm3348d ago

"He is an analyst for a finance management firm and he is talking to potential investors in these gaming companies. "

Uh no. He was talking on the gametrailers bonus round. It's just a discussion and just his opinion.

People taking things out of context is pretty normal here on N4G.

BRG90003348d ago

Touché, I don't usually watch bonus round so I forget that he's a regular on there. I don't know why they put him on there either.

Boody-Bandit3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

The engine feels dated.
Graphics are average (and I am being generous) at best.
The frame rate isn't good.
The animation isn't good.

You basically have Jack Black (comedy) and Tim Schafer as the main draw.
What am I missing? All I see is a decent rental or a game you pick up down the road after it's been discounted considerably.

Godmars2903348d ago

While I agree, the story and presentation look good. Can make up for its shortages.

Sarcasm3348d ago

"Touché, I don't usually watch bonus round so I forget that he's a regular on there. I don't know why they put him on there either."

I notice this "examiner" site is the one who keeps taking things said on gametrailers and making an article out of it.

It's the same site that made up the whole "Gametrailers defends it Uncharted 2 score" when in actuality the guys were just discussing it for the invisible walls podcast. It's not like it's a final written statement addressed by gametrailers as a company.

So I think examiner is to blame for the "taking things out of context" for this one. Those guys are idiots for that.

Christopher3348d ago

Yeah, Demon's Souls has already grabbed that title. Brutal Legend has been expected to sell 1 to 2 million just based on Schafer's involvement. Demon's Souls was mostly unheard of, expected to be nothing, and yet has resulted in very good reviews and very good sales results.

Beast_Master3348d ago

I am pulling for this game bc of tim schaffer, but I agree the sleeper hit crown will got to either Demon Souls, Borderlands or R&C. I am buying all of these games and hope all are successful. How can you hate Ted Price, Tim Schaffer or Randy Pitchford?

JL3348d ago

You think R&C will be the sleeper hit? realize what the term is right? I just don't think the next installment in the very popular R&C series can be considered a sleeper. I guess an argument for Borderlands could be made though (I just have this nagging feeling it's going to let me down though...I don't know why, just do though). As for Brutal Legend, I played the demo and I thought it was rather 'eh'. In fact, I'm almost of the mind to consider it overrated from all these claims that it's supposed to be so good, yet I didn't get that from the demo.

Demon's Souls definitely should get sleeper hit this holiday though. The thing with Borderlands and Brutal Legend being sleeper hits is that they're not really sleepers. Well before release they've started getting hype and that kinda contradicts the very meaning of sleeper.

I think one game that could be mentioned is The Saboteur. That could potentially make a run for being a legit sleeper hit.

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RememberThe3573348d ago

Now the game isn't going to sell anything! Thanks Patcher!

Barcefut-093348d ago

Batman sell around 2 million copies?

I could be wrong though. Thought i read it somewhere...

Lou-Cipher3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

I thought Batman: AA was the sleeper hit this year? (although I thought it was a bit overrated)

I am really excited for this game, but it sucks that it comes out the same time as Uncharted 2 does.

Only a few more hours, and I will have both, U2 & BL in my hands. :)

The_Zeitgeist3348d ago

The new Batman is awesome. I thought it was going to suck but I have to say that I am half way through it and loving every minute of it. I just stop playing for a quick bowl break.

Raoh3348d ago


I want a bowl break

And demon's souls and batman are sleeper hits.. even with batman being a franchise name, most super hero games suck... so batman is a good sleeper hit.. and demon's souls.. a ps3 rpg exclusive that is hard and unforgiving and is pretty much sold out everywhere? sleeper hits

brutal legend seems to already get good reviews, havent played the demo yet but, jack black, tim shafer, metal music, a bit of rpg/guitar hero/hack and slash/jack black promotion phone calls/ mtv awards promotion........

does pachter even know what a sleeper hit is?

Sarcasm3348d ago

The biggest sleeper hit has to be Demon's Souls in terms of review and praise.

As far as sleeper hit of sales, Batman AA fits the bill.

Boody-Bandit3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

Demon's Souls or Batman would definitely be a better choice for sleeper hit over Brutal Legend.

Beast_Master3348d ago

Batman had huge hype going in..They even had GTTV launch special Monday before the game launched,which didn't happen for any other game this year. Sorry but Batman is disqualified.. Demon Souls will hold the crown til we see the end of year sales for Borderlands, R&C and BL. Those 4 games in my opinion all quaify for sleepers. No one is talking about these games and we are just days away from launch and I have only seen maybe 1 or 2 trailers for R&C, DS and Borderlands and not one commercial.

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Grimhammer003348d ago

Aw man....I prepaid both a long time ago. Can't wait.
All this time I had this feeling - like i'd forgotten something.
So I double checked...yep all paid, plus Borderlands and Tekken 6.

So what is it?

Hmm...CRAP tomorrow is my anniversary! I think the wife might frown on a detour to EBgames. ;)

Looks like I'll be picking up my Unch2 & Brutal Wednesday.

PSN: Grimhammer00
Xbox360: Grimhammer00

The_Zeitgeist3348d ago

That would be funny if this game is a sleeper hit this holiday season. After playing the demo I have to say this is definitely no kids game. But my guess would be most parents see that it is a Jack Black game and buy it regardless of the Mature rating on the cover.

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