7 Ideas to Help Developers Make Better Sequels

What with the majority of Q3 and Q4 releases being sequels, ResumePlay thought they'd do a rundown of ideas and concepts that developers might want to adhere to in order to create better sequels.

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socomnick3264d ago

yea but then the aiming would suck :/

3264d ago
cmrbe3264d ago

but it would actually be a sequel and not a repackage game or expansion sold as a full game lol!.

kalebgray923264d ago

one of the main reasons i wont get mw2,l4d2 or odst is cuz its not that much different from the original.... and i love halo 123, modern warfare... l4d1 was boring after a week though

rockleex3264d ago


"yea but then my aiming does suck :/"

karan86243264d ago

Listen to fans. Have you been on the forums for games? Theres SOO many good ideas for what should be included, yet the devs never seen to care

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI3264d ago

Hmm interesting read, some points make sense.

- The Corrupt -3264d ago

My only problem is that the guy who wrote the article doesn't realise that most games are only published dependant on their possible success as a series... So the acknowledgement of this in-game isn't bad at all, since it means we know there's more of what we liked to come...

Might as well say TV shows shouldn't have cliff-hangers... :P

MostUnfurrowed3264d ago

Not necessarily. Uncharted, for example, was never initially penned as a series per se. If it'd flopped, there wouldn't have been a sequel. I'm the original author of the article, by the way. Plus it was more a reason for me to have a moan about the typical gimmicks some developers use, I'm sure there are other ways other than insanely obvious cliffhangers. For example, Bioshock. The tone and setting and such is very unique, whilst the storyline doesn't necessarily continue into 2, given that the ending of one was pretty definitive, sets up for a sequel. There are so many ideas and concepts surrounding rapture, that they could easily make several more games without treading new ground. Hell, I regard as a story within itself.

Kinetix3264d ago

Makes sense. Devs should wait at least 2-3 years before making a sequel to a game but are sports games an exception? I would like to think so.

smokeymicpot3264d ago

Making good sequels if it is only made for the ps3. Other then they are fail.

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