Game Journalists Also Threatened by Digital Downloads

The new PSP Go and Nintendo DSi both offer customers the ability to download retail games directly to the device, without ever having to go to a shop.

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HighDefinition3349d ago

Cause the game industry is being killed by gaming journalism.

Elven63349d ago

Correction: The gaming industry is being killed by people who call themselves journalists but in the end only care about getting the hits so would go to any lengths to do so.

I personally don't consider myself a journalist, I feel I have a long way to go and a lot to learn before I can earn that title, the same can be said for over 95% of this industry but everyone has their own views on the subject.

swingingape3346d ago

Correction: There are no such things as Game Journalists. Just like there's no Movie Journalists. They are Game Critics and Game Enthusiasts. Deal with it, Joystiq.

Elven63349d ago

Bull, very few sites would be impacted by this. Stores like Amazon can still continue, hell, they already sell XBLA game codes. Companies will also give you review copies of games, in this case a code to download the game from your service of choice.