God of War: Chains of Olympus Interview

A prequel set ten years before SCE Santa Monica's original God of War, the PSP version looks virtually identical to its PS2 brethren and retains all the chaos and brutal on-screen action the series is known for. While Kratos swings his chains overhead and tears apart a number of Persian invaders, the Persian fleet and the defending army exchange mortars in the background. Later on in the demo, a large cyclops is about to crush Kratos with a pillar, but just then a giant fire-breathing basilisk unexpectedly crashes through the wall and devours the beast, forcing players to face off against an even larger and more formidable foe. Of course, this being God of War and all, it should come as no surprise that Kratos eventually jabs his blades through one of the basilisk's eyes.

In fact, the only noteworthy difference Olympus presents over the past console editions is that of control--instead of using the right analog stick to dodge, players now hold the L and R shoulder buttons in conjunction with directional input. Special attacks are a little different as well, now activated by combined presses of L with either Square or Triangle, but are still easily accessible.

To find out more about how all of this was accomplished, caught up with Barlog and Weerasuriya to discuss how Chains of Olympus fits into the overall series, the power of the PSP hardware, and the challenges of moving a series from PS2 to PSP.

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It seems that PSP is more powerful than people at first thought