MEGamers: Overlord II Review

MEGamers writes: "Being evil is one thing, but having a whole evil army following you is a completely different experience. As fans of the series might recall, this game gives you the opportunity to control a bunch of minions to complete your objectives. The first game in the series was average at best and many gamers that experienced it complained about certain issues such as the save system, camera angles and overall controls. The developers certainly listened and to a certain extent managed to deliver some solutions to these problems in the sequel."

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Campy da Camper3349d ago

Not even worth the $9.99 rental fee. Graphics are below sub-par. Camera angle still a nightmare. Such a shame, too. This game could have been a stellar hit. I think the devs misunderstood this was for a next-gen game and used the PS1 as a source for coding.

I really enjoyed the first one, too. Love having the minions at my disposal and it was a blast listening and watching them do their thing. Pity, I tell ya. Real shame.