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Rumor: Modern Warfare 2 Delayed till December

ConnectedConsoles: Part of our trusted team has just discovered a picture on the CodNation forums that could indicate that Modern Warfare is delayed. The picture indicates someone having a conversation with Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling (A.K.A. FOURZEROTWO). (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update The rumor has been denied by Robert Bowling on his official twitter page saying;

"RUMOR SMASH. Rest your fears, this "convo" with me is fake. Never happened, isn't true, Fake convo is fake."

So there you go folks, no need to worry, Modern Warfare 2 is still looking ready for November 10, 2009.

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ape007  +   2235d ago
WildArmed  +   2235d ago
nah. Activision wouldnt delay their biggest hit.
Also considering they really emphasize the 11/10/09 date.
And COD always comes out in Nov =/
deadreckoning666  +   2235d ago
Oh sh!t, they wanna make it better! Probably to add a cinema mode like Uncharted 2. YES!!
militant07  +   2235d ago
didnt the game go GOLD?
y0haN  +   2235d ago

You do realise "cinema" is just Theatre from Halo 3? If IW were going to copy that feature, they would have done it by now. And put it in CoD4.
DarkArcani  +   2235d ago
Rumor : The Sun Taking the Day Off
Just as plausible I think.
RAZORLAND  +   2235d ago
OK, You got your traffic to your site.
Happy now?
orakga  +   2235d ago
"You do realise "cinema" is just Theatre from Halo 3? If IW were going to copy that feature, they would have done it by now. And put it in CoD4."

And you do realize CoD4 came out only 2 months after Halo 3, right?
FACTUAL evidence  +   2235d ago
kinda hoping this rumore was true...still need to get demon's soul, uncharted 2, ratched and clank:ACIT, tekken 6, and forza 3!
omni_atlas  +   2234d ago
But its delayed for the PC, so FU activision
Syronicus  +   2234d ago
THis is fake.
Besides, The United States Marine Corps was put into action on November 10th and this game was to release on that day in honor of that special day. There is no way they will delay this game.
shadowwizard  +   2235d ago
Fake, thanks for trying...
y0haN  +   2235d ago
Notice the guy's name is f0urzer0tw0, not fourzerotwo.

Nitrowolf2  +   2235d ago
lol this is fake
idk but that kind of a weird question asked "so your saying the game might get delayed"
after they say right in that comment it that it is.
i don't think this is real anyway
Fishy Fingers  +   2235d ago
So easy to fake.
woolley  +   2235d ago
Are they talking about the PC or the console version
AliTheBrit  +   2235d ago
'The F*CK indeed

Oh man... the internet is about to explode if this is true lol
ballsofsteel  +   2235d ago
most likely not true considering how hard IW hasn't been advertising the 11 10 09 date if anything it's probably a delay for japanese or Australian version
BonhamZ0S0  +   2235d ago
haha very funny. But April Fools was a couple of months ago...
Ron_Burgundy  +   2235d ago
well F*** Infinity Ward and Activision if this is true, all that promise of a release date at the end of there trailers

if this is true, Mw2 can kiss my a**
_Q_  +   2235d ago
If true. But think about it folks this season is packed with fun. Its still gonna be huge.
SuperSaiyan4  +   2235d ago
They are discussing on increasing the price even more since still many people are going to pay the extra for a game that uses the same engine...
Fishy Fingers  +   2235d ago
It's incredibly rare for a sequel in the same generation to use a different engine. Can you even name one?
Bloodraid  +   2235d ago
I believe he meant major upgrades to the Engine.

Resistance 2 - Although not as fun as the first, was a major upgrade engine wise.

Uncharted 2 - Major upgrade over the original's engine.

Modern Warfare 2 - CoD4 Engine with a few tweaks.
RockmanII7  +   2235d ago
Halo 3 --> Halo Reach. Sure it's a prequel but it still counts.
swiftshot93  +   2235d ago
yup, I think Ill actually die if this is true.
SolidSystem  +   2235d ago
looks fake
That conversation looks so fake... too scripted.
Foxgod  +   2235d ago
Hehe, they should delay it to 2010 to screw over those all those other devs that delayed their games :P:P
SolidSystem  +   2235d ago
that would be pretty funny.

"you ran from the fight... so we brought it to you!"
WildArmed  +   2235d ago
ah but GoWIII and FFXIII will be tough competition for even IW.
I dont think they wanna hurt their sales that bad
DARK WITNESS  +   2235d ago
i don't think it will happen. not now... whatever short comings the game may have I think they will patch. Thats the beauty of this gen.

why worry about the downward cost of having to actually break deadlines, put more work in and rescources to finish a game properly when you can release a half finished game, patch a bit so its at least playable... and if the masses are not happy, throw in a patch or two 6 months down the line. I mean it's not like we the gamers really matter that much, we will buy any crap thrown at us with Sh$t on it anyway.

anyway, on a serious note, i don't think it will get pushed back. not one bit. Mr kotic wants his christmas money. him and his fatcats
bananasNmonkeys  +   2235d ago
I can tell this is fake because if you notice the fourzerotwo user name is actually spelt fourzer0two. robert bowling dosnt use the number zero in his "tag" even check his twitter

mrv321  +   2235d ago
More time to play Uncharted 2, so that makes it infitinity hours.
Relientk77  +   2235d ago
Relientk77  +   2235d ago
if this wasn't fake this would totally suck

and piss alot of people off
Captain Tuttle  +   2235d ago
ZombieStalker  +   2235d ago
Lets take a look at the facts. 1. Game release is 4 weeks away. In order to go Gold and meet that date, they would have to make the decision very soon, if not already. 2. Testing the physics engine at this late in the game seems very odd. 3. As others have said, the Nov. date is plastered everywhere. 4. Delaying until early December would be suicide in regards to holiday sales. 5. This type of information (possible ship delay) is something that I am sure is kept very secret to prevent a media storm. Lastly, "Community Manager", if he is legit, would be legally bound not to discuss such a serious matter. I would wait for official notification.

Sounds like a media gathering event if you ask me.
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JustinSaneV2  +   2235d ago

Notice the o's are replaced by 0's?

I call fake.
JustinSaneV2  +   2235d ago
And I apparently called right.
R_A_LEE20  +   2235d ago
I'm pritty sure a saw an article today saying that COD:MW2 has gone Gold.
farhsa2008  +   2235d ago
well considering game of the year goes to uncharted 2 automatically, its a wise decision to delay it as far away from 2009 as possible.
Qazdaz  +   2235d ago
If it's real, good.
FwanK  +   2235d ago

Halo vs Killzone (the game)
StanleyCup19  +   2235d ago
Just confirmed fake by bowling's twitter
sikbeta  +   2235d ago
Is fake, read the update
Mikelarry  +   2235d ago
that was a close one i was about to go BANZAI!!!!! on IW and Activision.
Kushan  +   2235d ago
I know for a FACT that this game is going through CERTIFICATION right now. That means its currently in the hands of Sony/Microsoft and assuming there's no TRC issues, it'll go gold. In fact, it probably has by now as I've heard of no issues from any of the testers I know at Sony.

If there was a problem like this, it'd be patched on launch day instead.
N2NOther  +   2235d ago
I case this slipped anyone's mind, all the CODs have come out on or around Veteran's Day. I wonder why that is.
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