Report: Wii Marketplace In the Works

Nintendo's Virtual Console has been a popular service for Wii owners, providing older gamers a chance to relive some of the classics (and younger gamers a chance to experience them a first time) on platforms like NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. As great as this portfolio of catalog titles is, however, Nintendo is sitting on a real opportunity to use the Wii to offer other new and original digital download titles, much like Microsoft has been doing with Xbox Live Arcade and Sony with its PlayStation Network Store.

Well, according to comments made by System 3 CEO Mark Cale, Nintendo is indeed readying a new digital download service for the Wii. Speaking to Palgn, Cale indicated that System 3's upcoming Impossible Mission would be one of the first Wii titles not only available at retail, but also for digital download. "...we're going to be exploring what Nintendo can actually do in terms of downloadable content, and see if it can match Xbox Live," he said.

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ITR4227d ago

I'm all for that but we need an Option for a HDD first...either a Nintendo HDD or a third party unit.
It could connect via USB.

texism4227d ago

this was inevitable. I mean look how kickass XBLA is. Go nintendo!

bootsielon4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

It'll be the best media center ever... Go Wii!

Oh wait.

Besides, it was about time Nintendo tried something original for the virtual console

PS360WII4227d ago

It'll be awesome indeed. As ITR said Nintendo really needs to offer something in regards to a larger storage medium. The internal flash memory is simply not enough. They should release the rumored external hdd or at the least make the SD card accessible to save and play games from.

M_Prime4227d ago

if they make the SD card available to save i then i hope they also speed it up.. copying to that thing is SLOW.

and i know i read from a link posted on N4G that nintendo did licence the proper things to have a harddrive made available..

you know what this looks like to me, it looks just like the 360, CORE and PREMIUM but the wii core isn't as handicapped as the 360 core.

or these games that are gonna be released will be no bigger then a N64 title, otherwise i do not see this working at all.

ItsDubC4226d ago

Ya, I submitted a news story a few months ago detailing Nintendo's licensing of a storage middleware from a company called eSOL that would indicate that USB external storage developments are in the works, but no timetable or implementation details were mentioned. Here's a link to the Engadget story:

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