iPhone MMO Muscles in on New Turf

MeanFreePath LLC has taken the iPhone MMO gameplay model to new levels with their new release; Turf Wars Online.

This free app follows the same basic outline of the iphone MMO except with one key difference, implemented GPS technology for gameplay enhancement. Mob themed MMO's have found a home on the iPhone and just as gamers are beginning to tire of grinding through endless levels with no real change in the gameplay model, MeanFreePath LLC is breathing new life into the genre.

Turf Wars Online will utilize the GPS tech on the iPhone to determine the users geographic position and offer gameplay options including mob invites, combat and, most importantly, a location to build your home turf! Players will compete for experience, game cash and geographic territory. This ability really allows the user to get personally involved in the game as they compete to build and defend their own street. High ranking mobsters can even become Capo of their own city or town to receive extra in-game bonuses.

Digital Download Game World states that they will have an interview with the developer posted this week.

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