Risen PC Demo Now Available in North America

GCO: "Piranha Bytes today released the demo for the upcoming role-playing game, Risen in North America – offering players a chance to get a first impression on some of the adventures that are awaiting them on the island of Faranga before the game release."

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Tony P3352d ago

I'm gonna give it a go right now.

Tony P3351d ago

...And having played, I enjoyed.

The atmosphere is awesome. A little on the challenging side, but only in as much as they don't hold your hand every step like most games today. I managed to get around fine. Enemy attacks HURT. The first enemy I fought (sea vulture) would have ended me in two hits! But I managed to figure out the combat flow quickly. Haven't been killed yet. :] Furthermore, I like cooking and scavenging for health/mana. Nice to have features that promote self-sufficiency.

The only thing that I don't like so far is the level up system. I've never liked the idea of trainer-only progression. I leveled up twice, but couldn't do crap because I need to find specific "trainers" (and pay them) to actually get the skill-ups. It'll be annoying.

Think I'll buy though. It is a decent RPG and should tide me over till Dragon Age: Origins.

Jdoki3352d ago

This is a nice RPG, I hope it sells well.

It's slightly more hardcore, and has a lot more atmosphere than Oblivion and most other RPG's I've played recently.

JsonHenry3352d ago

The thing I like most about this game is it does not look so "cut and paste" like Oblivion did. Almost every where you go looks like a new location, not just the same area slightly re-arranged over and over again.

monkey6023351d ago

I didnt like the demo. Not really sure why, it just didnt sit with me. Can anybody recommend a similar game?

Darkstorn3351d ago

This game feels like a cross of Fable and The Witcher to me. If you haven't played The Witcher, do so now. It's amazing (but the inventory system sucks). The Gothic series is also very similar to this game, but they are notoriously buggy.

monkey6023351d ago

I'll try the Witcher out then. Thanks