Game Vortex: SpeedFreek Review

Game Vortex writes: "The PS3 and the Xbox 360 controllers both feature small analog sticks, which compared to the sticks found in the real arcades (huge) and even the stick in the Atari 2600, for that matter, are diminutive in size. It seems as though, through the evolution of the modern game controller, they have become almost vestigial appendages, dangling off the front. Meanwhile, while the huge, lumbering sticks of yesteryear were merely digital, the small nubs that pass for control sticks these days are analog, which means games can expect you to not only indicate a direction, but indicate a precise amount of movement in a specific direction. It can be extremely difficult to control those small analog sticks with precision."

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Karlnag33354d ago

Then don't get one of these because you probably won't be able to put it on the controller in the first place.

Not any of the things above?

Still don't get one, because it's utterly pointless, looks stupid and anyone who finds using a controller taxing on the arms, hands, fingers and/or thumbs shouldn't be alive in the first place. If you really have that little strength/endurance; it's a miracle that you're currently using a keyboard and mouse to navigate the web and read my comment. If you can stand then holy sh!t, you must be Jesus.