Undead Knights - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: If you were to take the gothic look and feel of the Devil May Cry Series, combined it with the endless waves of similar enemies and topped it off with the minor RTS elements found in Overlord, you would have Tecmo's latest PSP title Undead Knights. Now most people don't find comparing games natural, but think about this, since I painted that picture doesn't it help when you visualize the gameplay? All of that aside when we previewed Undead Knights last month I came away impressed. The simple mechanics work great on a handheld, and the gorgeous visuals really show off what the system can do. Now that we have had some time to sit down with the full version I can safely say that this is one of the most mindless and enjoyable PSP experiences I have had this year, but it is still not without flaws.

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Chubear3350d ago

Uhmm, interesting. I've always wondered how this game would turn out. I guess I'll get it if I see it as a decent price for me.

MasterOne3350d ago

I downloaded the demo. It was pretty good. I give it about an 8.

LostDjinn3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

After this review from you Zero I can honestly say I still have no interest in this game. You did a great job reviewing this game though. I have a question.
Would you have scored it higher if it somehow had Batman in it?
*runs and hides*

ZeroTolerance3349d ago

Hehe, no even if Batman was in it, the score would remain the same. I really enjoyed the game, it just grows repetitive after a few levels and never really ramps up. But as a portable action game it really is good.