Contest Winning PS3 Mod Goes Boom Boom Pow

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

For years, talented individuals have been modifying gaming consoles. However, it's rare you come across one which truly stands out. We've found one user mod which definitely stands out, especially in the dark.

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decimalator3267d ago

I want a PS3 that will clean my house

TheTimeDoctor3267d ago

get a long extension cable and attach the ps3 to a roomba.

DoucheVader3267d ago

I will take a PS3 that cleans house and mows the law. LOL

QuackPot3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Now that is a real slim ps3. Just needs a green-glowing led white DS3 to be complete....and remind one a little of another console that shall remain nameless.

dopeboimagic923267d ago

Pretty sweet mod! But I still think the coolest mod was the liquid-cooling system in the PS3.

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