Naughty Dog Pokes Fun at Next-Gen Graphics and Games

This generation of games as one unique quality to it: a brownish tint. Naughty Dog games have a lot of lush color to them, so to make Uncharted 2: Among Thieves a "true" next-generation title, you need to offer games the option to make the game look a little drab. Much like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2 features a 'Next-Gen Filter', which you can purchase with the in-game money. Unlike Drake's Fortune filter, this time around it's much more accurate and comical.


Screens added in article for comparison.

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WildArmed3266d ago

"Naughty Dog makes the next-gen filter make Uncharted 2 look like Gears of War or Metal Gear Solid 4 in color"

Awesome I loved the MGS4 look, it'd be a nice change when im re-running the story for fun.

MattyF3266d ago

It's worth using in the second runs. There are a lot of funny options in the game aside from this, too.

AnttiApina3266d ago

In my opinion the Next-gen filter was a fun add-on to the game :)

WildArmed3266d ago

I really didnt like any filters in UDF. It seems the filters this time around are gonna be entertaining

jmd7493266d ago

how can you post an awesome find like this without a screenshot?!
i can't wait to try this when i get my copy. :)

WildArmed3266d ago

I know right? Its almost like teaseing us to death.
First we gotta get enough money to buy the damn filter then try it xD

Marceles3266d ago

lol the Next Gen filter is better than Uncharted 1? They did a good job making fun of it in the game with the huge amount of bloom, I can't wait to see how they improved it.

MattyF3266d ago

Screens are coming soon.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I saw a video of it somewhere and even in the GeOW color scheme, U2 still looks 100x better. It pretty much makes the game black and white, just like GeOW 1 and 2. The only color in GeOW1 and 2 is the reddish brown blood and some weird greens.

WildArmed3266d ago

Sweet, ty in advance matt =p

himdeel3266d ago can go from a sunny day to a dark afternoon all equally and awesomely realized with shadows etc.

pixelsword3266d ago

Yeah; except MGS4 had around as much color as UC 2; with the snow and the greenery and the city.

MGS4 was "brown" in the Middle East; and if you show me a warzone in the middle that's NOT brown, you're pretty much not in the Middle East.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

The only people who say MGS4 is brown and has no color, are the 360 fanboys who've only seen early trailers and haven't played the game. South America was lush and colorful, as was the fight against Ocelot with the sunset in the background and Shadow Moses's snow was dazzling.

edhe3266d ago

Keeping the colour palette in line with the art is important.

GoW 1 & 2 were great examples of that. Sure there's a lot of grey & brown & red, but it's a world that's been destroyed, it *should* look like that.

They shocking yellow of the 'juice' was a fanastic highlight to the game. If it wasn't so bright and in opposition to the palette it wouldn't matter so much.

From what i've seen about UC2 it really does boast some great colours, hopefully better than kameo ;)

Got to admit they've got a sense of humour, and it works well :).

Microsoft Xbox 3603266d ago

In Gears of War 1 and 2, it wasn't art direction for its choice colors, more like a technical limitation of the hardware it was running on.

TheReaper423266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Anyone unlocked the Big head mode, mini mode, melee mode, and God mode yet?

badz1493266d ago

they finished the game which is a major upgrade from the 1st in less than 2 years and still come out with a lot of stuff! I think, they have a lot of free time to be able to do such things! Naughty God!

Whitefox7893266d ago

Can someone please tell me when MGS4 was brownish gold? Seriously I'm only thinking about Act 1

Ravage273266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

i was kind of skeptical when people starts saying UC2 looks better than KZ2 back then(i avoided all the vids/spoilers,thank god i did that, enjoyed the story tremendously).

After playing UC2 though, there's no contest i guess. Overall, UC2 is the BEST looking game i've seen this gen. It's not perfectly fair as KZ2 aims for a gritty/realistic feel and has more stuff going on, but you guys get ready to be amazed by what ND pumps out from your PS3. The textures are UNBELIEVABLE,the environment detail is unprecedented and friggin game looks jaw-dropping gorgeous in motion, screenshots(as awesome as they look) don't do the game justice!

Ravage273266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

"Proclaiming it to be the overall best looking console game ever isn't much of a stretch. I mean, there are not many games that can top Uncharted 1, let alone this vastly improved sequel. You could talk about the game's impossible looking textures, lighting and effects all day, but it's the animation, physics and environmental streaming (thus no in-game loading), that's the real star of the show. In addition to the layered, dynamic animation routines for the characters that provides for smooth transitions from one movement to the next, the way their bodies interact with the environment is probably about the most impressive thing seen in this generation."

"Visually, everything in Among Thieves, from the beautifully designed environments to the smallest graphical touches, are as spectacular as you would hope they would be. The game is just a joy to look at, and at first it actually borders on distracting. We're talking lush, tropical jungles teeming with insects and waterfalls, war ravaged and pock-marked cities, crumbling dust-covered ancient ruins, dank creepy caves, a high speed train ride from hell though the countryside, snow, ice, water and rain effects to die for, and just an incredible coat of detail, lighting and shadows. Bucking the trend of "realistic", industrial art direction, Uncharted 2 appears purposefully colorful. Exotic even. Once again, it's worth mentioning how impossibly high quality the textures are, from a distance and up close. The game's image quality is impeccable and it's a high definition showpiece like no other. In addition to an almost unwavering 30fps framerate, the game also pulls off all sorts of depth of focus and motion blur effects to provide that cinematic quality."

Lich1203266d ago

@Microsoft Xbox 360

What technical limitations would hinder using more vibrant colors? I've worked with the unreal 3 engine and it's capable of vibrant colors. Granted it will always look like U3 because of it's extremely noticeable way of rendering Specular and Normal maps. the fact is, their diffuse textures for the most part are very brown and gray, something their artists tried to do.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3266d ago

U2 is getting great scores across the board and it's funny how there haven't been any 360 fanboys commenting in the U2 review articles :)

This is probably why:

Multi-Console Owner3266d ago

That wasn't very funny Xbox Avatars Shoe. I'm taking your bubbles and there's nothing you can do to prevent it ha!

PS3 FanBaby3266d ago

@ above

I agree! Strip him of them all :)

Xbox Avatars Shoe3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

WOW! WTF is with these trolls coming out of nowhere?! What the hell did I do?

I personally think that GIF is quite funny XD

Edit: WOW! I just noticed I actually lost a bubble! It's not my fault you're jealous of U2's godlyness. Seriously, get an eff-ing life >:O

Syronicus3266d ago

Now that is yet another reason why I love Naughty Dog. They can take this generations topics and make them a joke and have the games to back them up. Uncharted is one of the prettiest games and it is all in the fact that they use such an amazing color palette. Can't say that much for Gears. I will say though that games like Halo take it a bit too far with pinks and purples.

Rhythmattic3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Xbox Avatars Shoe

Probably better in the open Zone...

However, Funny as hell, PS3/360 game or not.. Reaction, Priceless.... Bubble up.

edhe3265d ago

"1.15 -
In Gears of War 1 and 2, it wasn't art direction for its choice colors, more like a technical limitation of the hardware it was running on."

So the ps3 can't do as many colours as a gears game then? It is inferior after all. :D

ThanatosDMC3265d ago

They'll probably have Mirror mode and Super Slow-Mo again and those other "cheats" you could unlock after gaining so many rewards/trophies.

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ctfkev3266d ago

it is awesome!!

when you beat the game, go through Crushing difficulty with "doughnut Drake" and "mirror world" its like playing a brand new game!

lol, they even slur drakes original voice to make him sound like a fat lazy drake! haha

dalibor3266d ago

There is a doughnut/donut Drake? Any differences at all? Does he move slower or something lol?

Microsoft Xbox 3603266d ago

Damn the mirror world feature is going to be awesome.

xcox3266d ago

i loled @ doughnut-drake too, hilarious

if anyone figured out how to beat the train boss on 'crushing' difficulty, pm me, that mofo is a b!tch

WildArmed3266d ago

lol sounds good cant wait.

hmm if you turn the brightness down and then turn the filter on it might look alot like GeOW

xcox3266d ago

lol, they do look chubby in GeoW ;P

man i envy you... get ready for the ride of your life
pack some food some drinks and some smoke and put a "do not disturb" sign on your door

this game is phe-no-me-nal

Pirateogta3266d ago

It would look a lot like Resistance or Killzone 2 as well.

tripewire3266d ago

I lol'd at the drakes fortune next-gen filter. So much bloom you couldnt see more than 10 feet. So true....

SupaPlaya3266d ago

is a man's best friend :)

WildArmed3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

lmfao I luv yer avatar.
I start laughing my ass off whnever i see it
+bubs xD So i can see it more often =p (if by ne chance they incrase max bubbles from 10 to 10+ )

SupaPlaya3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

whenever I see it I think to myself...

"You can do it!"
"You can do it all night long~"


Play video game that is :P Certainly I would when I get UC2.

Bubble right back!

WildArmed3266d ago

you can do it all night long~

Yeah.. im sure you were talking about gaming there =p
Im sure you werent talking about that lol