Be the first to play COD4 have just posted a link to the first beta/demo period of COD4 in which you can be flown to LA to test the much anticipated game COD4.

Here is what GameStop have to say about there recent sweepstake:

"You want to be amongst the first to try COD4: Modern Warfare? Then you just might have a chanse now! Fifty winners of online sweepstakes will be flown to Call of Duty HQ in LA. There you will be able to visit Infinity Ward's territory, go behind the scenes, meet the team and play one of the most highly anticipated games of the year!"

Use promotional code: ONLINE

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gta_cb4224d ago

yet again not available for UK/Europe =(

BOOSTIN4224d ago

do you know how much more it would cost to fly someone from europe to LA?

DirtyRat4224d ago

This should point to the original source, and give credit to cod4forums only.

Nice compo pity I live in the UK.