iCasual: Hi, How Are You | The Portable Gamer

Today, on The Portable Gamer's iCasual podcast, Carter Dotson reviews Hi, How Are You, the Daniel Johnston-inspired 3D puzzle platformer. New iCasuals are available daily on TPG.

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bgrundman3350d ago

Yay for short podcasts.

bgrundman3350d ago

I am all about iPhone Platformers. I love them.

wondroushippo3350d ago

Listening to this, what I found interesting is that it does raise the question - can we enjoy games based on their artistic qualities, if the game itself isn't that engaging? I don't know if I can.

roblef3350d ago

Why not? This looks pretty amazing and will end up on my iPhone, just as much as a movie or tv show will.