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Relientk773325d ago

wow, that is ridiclous something is wrong with that kid

I hope the girl makes a full recovery

heroicjanitor3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

So he stabbed a 15yo girl on the street... What was going through his mind? Did he think it was her fault somehow? I hate how random these things are a guy just walks out of his house and stabs the first person he sees.

The article said she survived though, thank god.

Reibooi3325d ago

I don't even know what to say about that. The guy should be locked up in a mental house for the rest of his life for doing something like that over such a stupid reason.

Glad the girl will make a recovery.

DarkArcani3325d ago

He probably thought he could get +1 attack points.

It's not even like Starcraft and stabbing people are related.
It would be like me playing Flight Simulators 24-7 then going and burning down a forest. What does one have to do with the other?


Darkstorn3325d ago

Well, people can get very emotional over video games, that's for sure. Even so, it's not the video game's fault - violent people are attracted to violent video games, not the other way around.

AuToFiRE3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

of course something is wrong! he couldnt get on Starcraft! and that girl wasnt in the kitchen!

Arthur_3325d ago

sometimes i wonder what has happened in this persons life, to make them so screwed up and unstable.

but then again, I like my sanity.

karan86243325d ago

I cant play starcraft..... SOMEBODY MUST PAY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

badz1493324d ago

LOL that's funny but regarding the matter, one word: PATHETIC!

ps3d03324d ago

"the attack has been classed as attempted manslaughter, as the teen had no intention of murdering the girl when he had left his house."

How the hell can they say he had "no intention of murdering" he went and got a knife then went outside looking for someone to stab. Seem pretty well thought out to me.

vhero3324d ago

I call BS too many people using Video games as a way out these days to get a lesser sentence. Or at least they think they well.

LiquifiedArt3324d ago

Parents, Love your children and enjoy their time. Stop disregarding them and using videogames as a way to get them "out of your hair."

Parents share some of the blame as well.

ThanatosDMC3324d ago

Something's just wrong with him. Jack Thompson will go butt crazy for news like these.

NeoCloud3324d ago

This is why i dont play in the arcades anymore, u dont know how the other person might react if you beat them.

mega BIG time3324d ago

no intention of murdering the girl when he left his house.. he didn't plan on murdering the girl until he was outside.. heh

This story is pretty vague. Maybe he was irate and the girl, who he may have disliked, was teasing him about being so enraged over a such a silly matter and instigated the shanking.

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alphakennybody3325d ago

She didn't make him a sandwich while he was login in [just joking] the guys nuts.

Fishy Fingers3325d ago

You've got to have underline issues to do something like that. The stupiest of things can set them off. Hopefully she makes a speedy recovery.

RememberThe3573324d ago

I mean, I get pissed at videogames(watching me play Killzone 2 online, it's a riot), but this is ridiculous. I'm not even what you'd call a peaceful person and I wouldn't think of running outside and stabbing a random person.

Nihilism3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Starcraft did it: Fact.

"online games causing real life violence"

god damn that makes me angry....i think people that are antisocial play games for that reason, not the other way around

FOX NEWS: "playing games makes you f-ed up and anti social"

Poor girl though, nerd rage is apparently serious buisness

(i'm not saying that all gamers are anti social....but i'm sure we can agree that going out and seeing friends in person is more social than getting your game on...i fit in the latter category...i loves me some fallout 3)

GamerSciz3325d ago

They have tried time and time again to prove that video games cause violence. The consent is that it causes no more violence or anger then watching the news...The media isn't going to blame themselves though so they use video game as a scapegoat. I wrote a whole 10-page essay back in college on this matter after doing research. There is no proof video games lead to violence hence why Jack Thompson hasn't won a case.

Darkstorn3325d ago

Well, if they keep taking splitscreen play out of video games, then yes, it will become anti-social. I'm looking at you, Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2.

SmokeyMcBear3325d ago

why am I picturing odion right now?

LostDjinn3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

It can't be him.
Odion's logged on today hasn't he? Hasn't he?