Turn 10 responds to photomode compression complaints in Forza 3

Turn 10's Che Chou responds to complaints about the heavy JPEG compression found in photomode of Forza Motorsport 3.

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Anorexorcist3350d ago

"It's still better than anything Gran Turismo 5 will be able to pull off. And we base that claim on absolutely NOTHING"

Greywulf3350d ago

No...of course not..

what do you call showing shots of the game, saying its in-game and will be captured the exact same way,Then not being able to pull it off?

I wonder what Epic & Turn10's definition of bullshot is.

PROFIT3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

it is teh bess rayza evaHH!! definitive trash of this generation.

it deserves all the scores and praises from the bought reviews.

even the Mod$ on this site will tell u!!

^^^^c wut i did?^^^^^ take the o and the d out of Mod$ and what do u have left?

Narutone663350d ago

Just change the "o" to "i" in the word bullshot.

slymaddox3350d ago

"USB thumbdrive was not an option for reasons out of our control. If we could do it, we'd be on it in a heartbeat."

Chubear3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

It's teh definitive! Bes rassa eva!

The 360fanbase need to make sure they support this great best racing game ever title to show Turn 10 and MS they want more high quality games just like this.

They did this with halo3. They supported halo3 to the tune of 10mill copies and see what they got for their support? Halo ODST - only 2yrs later - which is to date the best and most definitive FPS ever created. This is what you need to do to get these great definitive gaming experiences. Support MS and enjoy.

Mc1873350d ago

Your sarcasm tastes delicious.

cRaZyLeGs 933350d ago

I think they know they have to work on supporting the game, so I think they will fix this soon enough.

facelike3350d ago

These are the reasons companies do Beta tests, to work out these things before release.

Knghtz3350d ago

Except the beta would have to be near the extent of the entire community in order to properly simulate how much usage it will get and how their servers are able to deal with it.

Of course, I'm sure they've done a lot of internal load testing but it's just a matter of how much the feature is used I guess.

HolyOrangeCows3350d ago

You wouldn't want the servers that are running GIGANTIC 8-player vs modes to crash, would you?

Knghtz3350d ago

What does 8 player mode have to do with this article?

Sarcasm3350d ago

lol @Chubear

You could also add reliable hardware and valuable proprietary accessories!

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WildArmed3350d ago

"We're looking into it but we need the game to launch first for some real world data."

I guess they might fix it up in Nov/Dec.. considering the game hits the shelves 23rd

mxpxboy3350d ago

"We're looking into it but we need the game to launch first for some real world data."

I think what they're really saying is "We're hoping to wait to see if this outrage dies down after everyone gets the game before we waste resources to fix it."

badz1493350d ago

nice thinking over there! NOT!

GamerSciz3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

This is an interesting response from them. It's almost like they are saying "We think we will have more people then ever using this and uploading photos so our servers may not be able to handle it" I don't doubt this but still...get new larger servers for this game specifically? I mean, this game has over a million pre-orders or something right so I would think they are making a profit and can put money towards bigger better "future proof" servers. I could be wrong though.

Ninjamonkey3350d ago

The servers arnt cheap though. And if they end up getting too many/ renting to many however theyre doing it then thats lost money.

Theyre just playing things safe to make sure nothing goes wrong at launch. We all know that if a game does badly at launch the press will murder it.

SOCOM after the patches is an incredible game which i love, but after the huge thing about the lag problems (non existant now) sales were pretty low. And all that bad press came from launch issues.

sukru3349d ago

Even for 1 day early special access option, Aion failed at the launch (I saw articles here mentioning 8 hours lines to get online).

They might be right to keep it safe. But they should really change the compression settings once the game launches.

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