STP: Backbreaker Football Review

STP writes: "When the subject of Backbreaker comes up as a topic of conversation amongst sports gamers, the response is usually a mix of guarded optimism and skepticism. Backbreaker is a simulation-style football game that's currently under development for traditional consoles. Its huge headline feature is a revolutionary dynamic physics engine that'll theoretically spell the end of canned animations in football games. While you can gawk at the footage of the game on YouTube, we will not know if the hype is warranted until next year. In the meantime, NaturalMotion has just released a taste of the future in Backbreaker Football for the iPhone.

The first thing you should know is that this isn't a full-fledged football game. There's no play calling, managing all three phases of the game, or playing a full four quarter game. Backbreaker Football puts all of its focus onto the exercise of being a ball carrier while dodging defenders on the way to paydirt."

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