Qore heading to Europe

Terence Daniels of AnalogHype writes "We just received word that Sony Europe are about to announce the details on the upcoming European version of Qore. From what we understand it will not be called Qore, but will be the same style and follow the current format of Qore, just with a European flavour to it. What we can confirm is that Future Publishing will be producing the show for PSN. As more details come in, we will keep you up to date...."

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blackboyunltd3321d ago

I want know who's going to be the sexy European host

WildArmed3321d ago

lol... watch it be a guy..
*SHOCK* jk ^^
Hope not.. lol
Anywayz, Its gonna be a good way to pick up Betas as usual.
Great value for the stuff they offer. (atleast the US one is)

Milky3321d ago

yeah I hope they include betas and stuff like the Qore otherwise it would be a waste of time imo.

blackboyunltd3321d ago

qore but with an european flavour, this probably means there going to talk alot about Fifa

Kurisu3321d ago

I wondered when this was coming. I heard about it months ago, but then there was no new information. I'll see how much it is to subscribe, because I don't want to subscribe to this whilst I'm already on a subscribtion with OPM.

Sangria3321d ago

Coming to Europe or coming to UK? If it's to Europe, that's one awesome news !