The Slowdown: Cherry-Picking Easy Targets

In their latest post, The Slowdown are troubled with the response to BioWare's trailers for both Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2, wondering why the whole blogosphere suddenly jumped to chastise the developer for their "edgier" trailers.

In apologetically jumping to the defence of the trailers, the poster also attempts to pinpoint, within the framework of the trailer, what ultimately was so wrong with the "Sex & Violence" and "Subject Zero" trailers, and whether the aforementioned outburst of criticism was justified in its scale.

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sandwiches3348d ago

It seems like a lot of reviewers and gamers like to think they have very high standards but the reality they fail to see is that they're being left behind in a world where games are evolving past what they are comfortable or grew up with. Much of the criticism is merely the gaming equivalent of timeless phrases uttered by our grandparents and their grandparents before them: "Back in my day..."

"Back in my day, fantasy RPGs had pseudo Irish music that sounded straight out of a renaissance faire!"

"Back in my day all girls in skimpy plated thongs didn't have no stinkin' tattoos and they always had long, flowing hair!"

So, adapt and enjoy the new games or speak with your wallet and wait for more mundane fare of RPGs to appear.

PS - I'm a gamer with 20 years of gaming history. So, I'm no young'un either but I understand that things, including games, will evolve and change as time goes by or they'll grow stagnant.