Official: The Five L4D2 Campaigns

Here are the official Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns, very well confirmed by their achievements.

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Pandamobile3265d ago

That defibrillator is probably L4D2's closet system. Rather than helping a dead team mate out of a small room, you zap em back.

Horny3265d ago

depending on the difficulty Id say about an hour to 1:30 each. I havent played the first one in a while so i forgot how long they took, Im sure they made each scenario slightly longer. Im interested in playing the Carnival.

Pandamobile3265d ago

A VS campaign usually lasts for 2 hours when me and my friends play.

An Expert campaign can range between 1:30 to 2:00 hours.

ChrisW3265d ago

Why is it that they insist on using the same character models for all of the campaigns? At least the Dead Before Dawn mod for the PC will have a new playable character, a Mall Security Guard.

Other than that, I'm glad there are 5 campaigns... Though 1 or 2 more couldn't hurt.