IGN: Command & Conquer 4 Hands-on

IGN writes: "Two months ago, I had a chance to get a first look at Command and Conquer 4, the upcoming game from Electronic Arts that promises to wrap up the fifteen year Tiberium storyline in the acclaimed franchise. Fully overhauling the gameplay mechanics, C&C 4 will be the most radical change to the entire series, introducing player classes, persistent experience for players across all gameplay modes, and mobile base defenses that are just as deadly as some units. However, while I was shown some of the basics, I didn't have a chance to take control of the game and eliminate opponents. With the game a bit farther along in its pre-alpha state, I recently had a chance to take the battlefield and lead my troops to victory."

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markfrost3348d ago

I can't decide whether I want to get this or Starcraft 2 (when they're both released that is).

ttlFantastic3348d ago

Starcraft question

Syrage3348d ago

EA has ruined C&C for me. I refuse to buy another game.

markfrost3348d ago

It's just another franchise for them at this point.