Dragon Age: Origins – Sacred Ashes trailer

The Lost Gamer writes "I'd make no secret of the fact that I enjoy RPG titles probably the most out of all genres, and the upcoming Dragon Age: Origins title from Bioware is certainly continuing to draw my attention. Now, under a month from release it seems the titles publisher, EA, are steadily releasing new footage each week to draw continued attention to it and the following new cinematic trailer below full of combat, spells and dragons is sure to excite those eager for adventure!"

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Blaster_Master3351d ago

This game reminds me of Summoner 1 on the ps2 for some reason. I dont know, it could be good, its Bioware. Though I would have prefered they just added Mass Effect 2 on the system, even if it was just timed exclusive. Gesh.

WildArmed3351d ago


Either way, I hope its challenging as Demons Souls.
I love a good action RPG :)

Xof3351d ago

I hope that movie isn't in the game itself. Looks like a pretty dull thing to waste on a cinematic. (We should be playing that battle, not watching it).

Lucreto3351d ago

Excellent trailer.

I might get the game once I know if there is a blood and gore filter in the game. If there is I am getting it.