Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Mission Play Throughs

Gamer's Realms has been posting full mission play throughs of Codemasters' new military sim/first person shooter Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Mission 1, titled "Dragon Rising" is up now, with all other missions soon to follow.

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morganfell3349d ago

They are not playing on Hardcore. Too easy the way they are doing it.

Taheen3349d ago

we are playing through in normal first, then we will go through in Hardcore, and trust me the game isn't easy in any mode.

morganfell3349d ago

I don't have to and will not trust you, or any journalist. I've already played it. Anyone can get through this run and gun game on easy. because that is what it is, a run and gun game. They create a 225 km island and then make it a linear game with ridiculous time windows. Those are the equivalent of corridors. I've run more in this game than any 5 run and gun titles combined. Horrendous level design, unrealistic missions, and very shoddy AI.

If a game forces you to babysit dumb AI who's death results in mission failure then the game fails.

Taheen3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

oh i get're just a douche. if you don't like the game because you aren't good at it thats ok you know.