Gran Turismo 5 Creator Only Gives Competition 'a glance'

With Forza fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of their latest racing iteration, PlayStation fans are looking on with a very deep shade of green.

Perhaps aware of this Sony has decided to ease the pain just a little by releasing a fresh batch of Gran Turismo 5 shots.

Last week we spoke exclusively to GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi and he confessed that he keeps a keen eye on the competition and when asked what he thought of the gaming rivals said: "Well, of course, I keep my eye on them from a distance…

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komp3351d ago

With the not really a competitor coming next year I too would look at the competition from a distancem, that way I can't tell it is still Forza 2.

WildArmed3351d ago

All i know PD are in a league on their own when it comes to racing sims.
They dont try to be the best, they try to do their best.. (even though that lead them to BE the best)
Some how Turn10 remind me of that Ninja Gaiden dev that kept bad mouthing other competitors like the DMC4 n GoW person etc etc Yet never managed to pull out a AAA game like others.

Let your masterpiece do the talking.. Your just there to take all the credit. *looks at ND... ohh yeaaa*

UnSelf3351d ago

(in Bill Gates voice from Family Guy)

IT IS FORZA 2 KOMP, it is Forza2!

WMW3351d ago

"With the not really a competitor coming next year I too would look at the competition from a distancem" that makes no since if you trying to speak from PD point of view. also its spelled distance don't know how you got that wrong E is not near M on the key board so it couldn't be that you hit it by accident. "that way I can't tell it is still Forza 2" this is another thing that makes no sense at all you should stop trolling GT5 articles and go back to school your just embarrassing yourself.

Milky Joe3351d ago

@ WMW:

I'd check your own grammar/spelling before pointing out other peoples.

presto7173351d ago

but come on. Did anyone actually think it would be able to dethrone Gran Turismo? Really.

deadreckoning6663351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Is that why they were playing Forza 3 at E3??

@Pirate- So if Turn 10 lied, as u say, why hasn't PD denied it??
Ur digging a hole dude, ur not gunna win this one. I suggest quitting.

PirateThom3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Considering Turn 10 were the only witnesses to people from Polyphony Digital being at their booth at E3, Turn 10's constant lies about Forza 3 and swipes at Gran Turismo...

I'm going to say, Polyphony Digital never went near Forza 3.


Polyphony Digital haven't said anything about Turn 10, why would they respond to their lies and ignore the bashing? Turn 10 mentioned Gran Turismo whenever they could, when do PD mention Forza? Polyphony don't roll around in the dirt like their "competition" and I use "competition" in the loosest sense of the word.

kws10653351d ago

I think this is good because this way makes GT is not affected by any other games.

I don't want GT to be contaminated with any factors from other games. Just be GT.

Hellsvacancy3351d ago

They shouldnt even do that - Devs like Polyphony Digital, Naughty Dog and Guerilla r bringin the next NEXT gen 2 us NOW

randomwiz3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Giving it a "glance" is the right thing to do. PD should see what the competition is doing right, but shouldn't adopt the SAME exact system. Forza 2 couldn't dethrone GT5P. You really think Forza 3 can dethrone GT5?

And by dethrone I mean mass appeal, like Forza showing up in auto shows.

WMW3351d ago

"I'd check your own" should say i'd suggest you check your own... guess you should take your own advice.

beardpapa3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I agree with Pirate there. If you do some deep googling, you'd find that Che Chou was the original source to the PD-visiting-T10-E3-booth-to-ta kes-notes. The media followed along with it. Also, finding out more about Che Chou reveals that he's been caught lying several times at NeoGaf forums.

It's strange when the media only followed along with T1 - and it being E3 you'd think the media would also tag along the PD devs to see what they were up to and take actual pictures of the progress. Maybe because the whole "definitive racer" comment and "PD gave up their throne" insinuations made for better sensational article headlines.

And since no media has ever asked PD if they actually visited T10 E3 booths, why would they make a comment about it? Maybe you should e-mail them about it.


he's still colloquially correct

LinuxGuru3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

WMW Said:

"that makes no since if you trying to speak from PD point of view. also its spelled distance don't know how you got that wrong E is not near M on the key board so it couldn't be that you hit it by accident. "that way I can't tell it is still Forza 2" this is another thing that makes no sense at all you should stop trolling GT5 articles and go back to school your just embarrassing yourself."

Mistakes you made in this paragraph:

- Didn't capitalize the "T" in "that" to begin sentence (seriously...)
- "since" should be "sense"
- "you" should be "you're" (did you forget this from 3rd grade?)
- "PD" should be "PD's" (possessive)
- Didn't capitalize "Also" (beginning of a sentence)
- Comma after "Also" (natural pause)
- "its spelled" should be "it's spelled"
- Quotes should be around "distance"
- There should be a period after the word distance, because it's the end of a sentence and complete thought
- After the word distance (where a period should be), The letter "I" should be in front of the word "don't", because it's the start of another separate thought
- Comma should be after the word "wrong", with the word "because" following it
- "key board" is spelled "keyboard"
- Comma after "keyboard"
- Capitalize the "T" in "this"
- Period should be after the word "all"
- Capitalize the "Y" in the word "you"
- Comma should go after the word "school"
- Insert word "because" after the comma after the word "school"
- "your" should be "you're"

Here's what your mess of a paragraph should look like if it was written by an intelligent individual:

"That makes no sense if you're trying to speak from PD's point of view. Also, it's spelled "distance". I don't know how you got that wrong, because E is not near M on the keyboard, so it couldn't be that you hit it by accident. "that way I can't tell it is still Forza 2" This is another thing that makes no sense at all. You should stop trolling GT5 articles and go back to school. You're just embarrassing yourself."

So, would you like to continue to play the "who can be a bigger grammar whore" game?

Anyways, I'm glad Polyphony Digital doesn't base the worth of their game by how they're faring against the competition, but rather by how they view the quality of their own work stacked up against their own perfectionist expectations.


Gen0ne3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

... that you actually took the time to read, decipher and then correct that mess is something of a super human feat. I could only make it to 'distancem' and I was done. A bubble for your grammatical tenacity sir.

@WMW: I'm aware that you don't have to be a rhode scholar to post here, but Jesus. If I were you I'd send a 2nd post saying you're a foreign exchange student from a recently discovered island in the S. Pacific and that you isn't are be able to talking English that good.

WildArmed3350d ago


Wow ouch that hurt from all the way here.. and i wasnt even in the conerstation D:

-- dont bother checking my sentences, coz im too lazy with all that.
I already have english class @ college to b!tch about everytihng i write

LinuxGuru3350d ago

Some people operate with a ready / fire / aim philosophy.

Not me, lol.

40cal3350d ago


Seriously, I am STILL F'in laughing my ass off.

What exactly are we green about? Gran Turismo 5 will come out when it comes out.

theEnemy3350d ago

the guys who just "turned 10" ?

Guitardr853350d ago

Is it just me, or is WMW a complete idiot, lol?

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JOLLY13351d ago

Is he talking about the glance that he took at E3?

PirateThom3351d ago

Based on Turn 10's lies from E3 to present, I doubt Polyphony Digital actually ever played the game at E3 or went near their booth.

UnSelf3351d ago

i heard only a bunch of kids who just tuned 10, was at the forza booth

4Sh0w3351d ago

No, I dont remeber exactly where I saw it but there were pics of a couple of devs from PD at e3 taking notes while observing Turn10's booth presentation of F3, anyway its not a big deal, T10 admits PD has been a inspiration to them, which is why I dont understand some of their backhanded comments about GT, then again I dont think most of what they said was offensive to PD, but fanboys and sites looking for hits will always take one line from a interview and make a flamebait headline,,, either way PD should observe their comptetion it only makes you better, like sports teams watch vids of their opponents so they can improve diffrent aspects of their game, actually all devs do this, unless they dont care and are just making some GI Joe movie game for a quick buck.

i_am_interested3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

who knows if PD was there but if youre talking about those pics japanese people sitting down with turn 10 E3, that was some japanese press

beardpapa3351d ago

yea those pictures i've seen from Kotaku were just pictures of japanese press with their media press badges.

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d0nT wOrrY3351d ago

don't even bother yourself Mr.Yamauchi, we all know (except bots)
Forza 3 crappy game.
i have xbox360 and i played almost all 360 exclusives and im not going to buy it i didn't even downloaded the demo (arcade owner here, thnx M$)
but from what i've seen gameplay vids and Turd10 talks so much BS about how great forza 3 is i can honestly say this game is garbage

why the cars looks so plastic??

Greywulf3351d ago

and the same track detail from the previous game.

But hey, painting is always fun! Was fun in F2 as well. Didn't we already go over this with F2's bullshots/gameplay lol?

poindat3351d ago

Yamauchi: I see what the competition is doing and learn from it.

Turn 10: We r teh best LOLZ!!!

Over-exaggerated, maybe, but the devs do have vastly different attitudes, and it shows in the games. With the amount of honesty and passion coming from PD, GT5 will outshine every other console racing sim this gen.

Perkel3351d ago

this is funny , nowgamer is near pd studio ?

this isn't even a proper interview at all. It's just quote as "other interview"

where is interview ?

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