Videogameszone: Forza 3 Review - The Best Racing Game Ever?

Videogameszone reviewed Forza Motorsport 3 for Xbox 360.


- perfect driving experience
- suitable settings for every gamer

- no cockpit view in splitscreen mode
- no reward system like in Shift

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renegade3350d ago

But is not the best ever.

JOLLY13350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

What would you say the "best ever" is?

(I guess I would disagree with my question also, Noone really cares what his answer is)

lowcarb3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

His answer would be anything with the name Sony on it and even Forza if it were PS3 exclusive.

edit below isaac: And just how do you we view things the same as your account above? I've given props to Sony and MS many times because I own all three next gen consoles. Don't come in here calling people hypocrites because honestly your just destroying your cred. Not everyone is your little console war frame of mind. pathetic

Isaac3350d ago

The same applies to you but the other way around, so your bickering is nothing but hypocritical.

shocky163350d ago

I guess we can finally agree that this is the most definitive racer EVER.

Chubear3350d ago

lmao stop it stop it, my sides hurt lol

MaximusPrime3350d ago

best ever? How could it be described as best ever when most tracks are exactly the same as forza 2s tracks. (same skid marks in same place, colors, same billboards in same place), no graphical improvement to cars etc etc.

I think what makes this game good is just the gameplay.
Yes my avatar is GT5 and im looking forward to it. GT5 is going to be different to GT4. Vast improvement and graphically better. I like Polyphony Digitals style of gameplay.

Im not jealous at forza 3. It just xbox owners need decent racing games to enjoy.
Enjoy your duplicated game. Waste your money on it...

deadreckoning6663350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

So if Forza 3 isn't the best racing game available..what is?

How do people say its NOT the best ever, but don't have an answer for what the "best ever" is????

GT5 fanboys really need ta STFU, it ain't comin out till March.

DelbertGrady3350d ago

How dare they give praise to a 360 exclusive!?

SupaPlaya3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

is a still great score. You don't need to be the best ever to be enjoyed by gamers.

Besides, best ever is up to each person. Not by the media or some 'pro' gamers. I don't think it's fair for a person to say it's 'not the best ever' or 'it sucks' if he/she has no intention to play the game to begin with.

I don't own a 360 as I only own a PS3 at the moment and I don't even have enough time to finish the games I own. But for me as long as the game is good, it's good news for gamers, and good job for turn 10 devs, sans all their PR trash talks.

ceedubya93350d ago

Wasn't GT4 a PS2 game? I certainly hope that 5 is completely different from a PS2 game. There's no excuse there.

Fact is, despite how much/less of an upgrade that Forza 3 is compared to 2, we've had 2 new games in the franchise already, while we are still waiting for GT5 to come out sometime next year.

Despite what you may think about the game's graphics and content, it seems like the gaming media feels that this is the best racing game to date.

Now, GT5 may be better, but we won't really know that until the game is finally released. Until that time, Forza 3 is in the lead.

Lifendz3350d ago

Too bad you didn't let your game speak for itself rather than constantly dismissing Polyphony. All things aside, it looks like Forza 3 is really darn good.

I hope it does better numbers than ODST because it's certainly more for your buck.

PirateThom3350d ago

For the record, Gran Turismo 2 is the best racing game ever.

Not even debatable, to be honest.

deadreckoning6663350d ago

"They both have their pros and cons. Gran Turismo has the upper hand when it comes to visuals and sheer amount of cars while Forza 3 offers deeper customization/tuning options."


Knghtz3350d ago

"I think what makes this game good is just the gameplay. "

Yeah, and no one really cares about that part of the game...

What? Oh yeah, that's the most important part, I forgot.

Maddens Raiders3350d ago

I won't comment on that but will say that, I am happy for 360 owners.

They will surely not be able to play a better game on the 360 than Forza 3; not even Forza 2 comes close.

jke823350d ago

Quality>quantity all day sir...all day

Knghtz3350d ago

Except when the quantity is 0, hehe.

Naaah I'm sure it will be a great game though.

Isaac3350d ago

It would have to excel in every way, and/or not have any significant cons, and/or not being beaten in MANY aspects by several older games (GT5 Prologue) or games on (relatively) inferior hardware (GT Mobile). So far Forza is full of glitches and many other AVAILABLE games beat it in terms of content, even GT PSP beats it in terms of content. Even 2 year old demos like GT Prologue beat it in technical advancement. So no, it's not the best ever, unless you are a 360 fanboy, which allows you to overlook its MANY flaws.

Hell, it doesn't even need to be perfect, it just needs to do the most and frankly Forza 3 doesn't seem like a Next-gen upgrade from the first Forza in terms of gameplay and content.

Halo3 MLG Pro3350d ago

Perfect Driving Experience. :)

somerandomdude3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

It still beats GT4 or Forza 3 in fun factor. God I hope they release it on the PSN.

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gamesR4fun3350d ago

lol glitchiest racer ever on a console cars pass thru other cars n the track lol but poleposition does a better job than this

3350d ago
Defectiv3_Detectiv33350d ago

Typical comment on this board


xbox sucks


But yeah, I would think the perfect racing sim would score higher than a 91, that being said, Forza3 is still a damn good game and if you can't recognize that you need to pull the dualshock out of your @ss.

I have never seen so much insecurity on display in one place.

Mo0eY3350d ago

Butthurt bot is butthurt. Cry me a river, bot, jump in, and drown.

iamgoatman3350d ago

So because of one article outlining a couple of bugs it's now the "glitchiest racer ever"?

Ha! You blithering little idiot.


Grow up kid. I feel sorry for your parents, I really do.

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Sie3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I love racing games and in my opinion at this time nothing even comes close to Forza 3 as a complete game.

This may change early next year but we will see, it's certainly not guaranteed that PD can top it.

Either way the competition is good for 'true' gamers.

Brixxer6003350d ago

Agree 100% with everything you said , pity that well thought out responses are against the norm here.

DelbertGrady3350d ago

They both have their pros and cons. Gran Turismo has the upper hand when it comes to visuals and sheer amount of cars while Forza 3 offers deeper customization/tuning options.

Sie3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I agree.

Even though all the PS3 fanboys can do is try and drag Forza 3 down i actually think this is to everyones benefit.

PD have been at the top for so long without any real competition so they have done very little in terms of community/multiplayer and customization in their last few games. Now Forza has shown what a great game it is surely PD will try and improve more areas of the game.

Saying that each offers different things so we will have to wait and see, but this can only be good for gamers.

SupaPlaya3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

competition is great!

For example, PS3 cut their price and MS follow suits immediately after. Some 'people' claim it's a desperate move. Desperate or not, all I know is from a gamer's perspective, it is great news since it means it's more affordable for people who's interested in one and more potential gamers to play with online.

If price cutting means desperate, then I would hope the audio industry gets desperate as I'm interested in getting an AV receiver and speakers next :D

dachiefsman3350d ago

bubbled you up for a sensible post.

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mjcrow333350d ago

Can't wait to see for myself.

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