Half Life: New Escape From City 17 Teaser

The Purchase Brothers have posted the teaser to Part 2 of their 'Escape From City 17' Youtube video. It looks very promising, and puts many multi-million dollar sci-fi movies to shame.

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Pandamobile3348d ago

Leave it to the Half-Life community to come up with something as awesome as this.

inveni03348d ago

Half-Life really would make one of the most awesome game-to-movies ever. It would be really hard to screw that script up.

arakouftaian3348d ago

to bad the makers of Half life are all full of pure b#$%$%

they should 5tfu and just make games.

and if they think they are good,
they should make a game at lease
half good , to kz2.
maybe tehy will on what 3 years?
even halo will look better then kz2 in taht time lol

btw i like half life.
just don't like ignorant people
and valve are masters of ignorance and
lazyness. to not soport the best "ps3"
tell you is someting wrong with them.

Pandamobile3348d ago

"to bad the makers of Half life are all full of pure b#$%$% "

Uhh, Valve's one of the most respected developers in the industry.