Nov. 17 Release Date for Facebook, Twitter removed from Xbox Site

ConnectedConsoles: Last week it was reported that the new Xbox update (that features such applications as Twitter and Facebook) would be arriving on the system on November 17. This was confirmed on the Official Xbox Site, now it seems we may not be seeing it November 17.

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Alcon Caper3347d ago

Man, this hype for this update is kinda long gone...I'm just not as excited for this as I was when it was announced at E3. It better have some sort of mind blowing integration.

I'm most looking forward to, but it's nowhere to be found???

GWAVE3347d ago

I'm not sure any of the hardcore 360 gamers are going to care.

Logiistics3347d ago

Im looking forward to it tbh. I use both Twitter and Facebook

robbiedillona3347d ago

I'm really looking forward to this! - All we need now is a web browser!

3347d ago
jack who3347d ago

dont care bout Facebook, Twitter i want lastfm

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