Shammy steals all 3DMark records

Overclocking records are never left unchallenged for long, and while the previous king's result had remained in place for a little while it has just been stolen well and truly by overclocker Shammy

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Pandamobile3352d ago

"He got his hands on Intel's Core i9 processor with a whopping six cores on a 32nm manufacturing process and running at 6189MHz as well as four of ATI's latest 5870's running at 1300MHz on the core."


Nihilism3352d ago

maybe intel game him one to O.C the s#!+ out of and get the i9 hype train rolling, it seems plausible, all the program screens together and such

TheIneffableBob3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Hardware manufacturers give hardware early to overclockers all the time. But usually only if they're confident that they'll be able to break some kind of record.

kingpin, who I believe is sponsored by NVIDIA and was featured in a couple NVIDIA commercials, gets their videocards before anyone else.

PotNoodle3352d ago

So this pretty much confirms the rumour of the Core i9 using the x58 chipset? Cool!

krouse933352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

WHOA WHOA WHOA no way is it 6Ghz per core thats freaking 36GHZ!


It says it is 2.40Ghz so it's 2.40Ghz
X 6
= 14.4Ghz
Still thats rediculous

I run a dual core @ 2.00Ghz lol
but i got a decent GTX 260 video card at least I need to upgrade when the 6 cores come out.

PotNoodle3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

That isn't how it works gold ;)

Pandamobile3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Ugh. No. Why do people think this way?

It's not 6 GHz x 6 cores = 36 GHz.

Think of a core like a lane in a highway. When you have one lane, all the traffic moves at the same speed, say 3.2 GHz, or 100 KM/h. When more cores are added, you simply widen the highway. Now you have 6 lanes of traffic, all moving at 100 KM/h.

That's the easiest way to think of it.

I've got a quad core CPU at 3.6 GHz. That doesn't mean that my CPU runs at 14.4 GHz.

OpenGL3352d ago

Intel, AMD, and Nvidia often send out engineering samples to high profile people such as top overclockers and tech websites. These versions of the CPUs/GPUs are often a little less efficient than later official production run chips, due to improvements in the manufacturing process.

Also, I think typically there is some stipulation regarding the resale of these chips. It can end in black listing from receiving new engineering samples, as well as lawsuits.

krouse933352d ago

okay Panda thanks,

but isn't that basically like using a multiple of that much power since you are using 6 cores running at 2.40 Ghz or 6.00Ghz or whatever it may be instead of just one say for example this speeds up my Cinema 4D renderings obviously it's gonna more effiecient than me using a single core 2.40 or 6.00Ghz processor right

Pandamobile3352d ago

Yes, because the cores can share the work.

GHz is relative and is not a definitive measure of speed. A 3 GHz AMD dualcore won't necessarily beat out a 3 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

1 hertz is 1 cycle per second.

2.4 GHz means the CPU can run through 2.4 billion cycles in a second. The CPU architecture dictates what exactly it can do with those 2.4 billion cycles. One CPU on one architecture may not perform as well as another CPU at the same GHz on a different architecture.

Nihilism3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

using pandas analogy ( my favourite also), a quad core is only faster than a single or dual core when there are 4 cars( 1 in each lane), which is to say that there are 4 threads, if a program is not coded properly, all the cars will try to go in the same lane ( not multi-core optimised) and it will slow down. But the cpu only does what it's told, so it can't just divide up amongst the cores by itself, it has to be programmed for it, and then if you get into it there are often more than 4 threads ( sometimes more than 20), but some threads only need to use a lane for a small moment, while more major threads ( the majority of the cpu traffic) fills each lane constantly, so down the track when games require more lanes etc you will get slow down.

But right now having a 50 core processor would not benefit anyone if there weren't enough cars ( threads) to fill all the lanes, which is why some games gain nothing over lesser core cpu's

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SuperSaiyan43352d ago

I am sceptical as looking on the net usually Anand tech is the first to get the latest gear to check and maybe overclock not a random nobody...

Pandamobile3352d ago

He's not some random nobody.

evrfighter3352d ago

If Shammy has this then for sure Fugger has it as well.