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Sony's EyePet is more or less a direct descendent of all those Catz and Dogz games (or should that be gamez?) that surfaced in the mid nineties. Both series were massively popular with gamers who were either unable or unwilling to deal with the expense, responsibility or omnipresent faeces that accompanies real-world pet ownership. In essence, the player used their mouse to interact with a cartoon mutt or feline as they pranced around their computer screen. You fed the animal, groomed it, and teased it with toys.

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Darkseider3353d ago

Is too cute to pass up. It may actually get my wife off the Wii and onto the PS3.

Feral Gamer3353d ago

So you actually want more competition for your PS3? If she keeps off the PS3 it means more play time for you

The gaming GOD3353d ago

Do you REALLY want your wifey all over your ps3 instead of the Wii? That's gonna really cut into your gaming time.

solideagle13353d ago

lol......perhaps his wife might buy another PS3?? thats a possibility.... hmmmmmm haha


Lifendz3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

If I had kids I would definitely pick this up for them. Like most of Sony's first-party games, it just needs to be marketed correctly.

Get it on Regis and Kelly. Or maybe Oprah. It needs to be somewhere that moms across the country will see it and say "I gotta get this for my kid(s)."

Chubear3353d ago

In future, when you see Eurogamer give a PS3 exclusive a rating, the general rule of thumb is to add 2-2.5 more points and you'll get the real proper rating... uhm, Eurogamer gave Killzone 2 a 9.. so Killzone 2 is actually an 11/10? \0/ lmao.

Darkseider3353d ago

I have two PS3's. Problem is the one in the family room is neglected in favor of the Wii whereas the one in my bedroom is used constantly because of me.

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sikbeta3353d ago

The review have to be made by a kid, not from a grown up man

f7897903353d ago

It would be a 10/10 always if reviewed by a kid.

If they advertise this right, the ps3 is going to have a nice Christmas.

ab5olut10n3353d ago

the gf is going to go ape sh!t over this

Feral Gamer3353d ago

According to the Eurogamer review, you have to position the PSEye at knee height pointing down. I assumed this since I first heard about EyePet. The problem for me is, I don't have a coffee table. I have a SumoSac for my gaming chair in the living room and I just put my beer on the floor when I'm gaming... no table. I want EyePet, however I'm not sure where the heck I'm going to position the PSEye at knee height. Maybe I could get a small crate to use as an end table/PSEye platform....

iceman063352d ago

Just buy a CASE of beer....and put the little creature on THAT!!! Problem solved!!!*LOL*

tripewire3352d ago