The Perfect Game

NextGN: "By the year 2010 we are supposed to be living among friendly extraterrestrials in futuristic utopia, according to some science fiction novelists. Wouldn't it be great if the world turned out exactly like they imagined? Hover boards, space suits, ufos and all that cool sci-fi stuff. Instead we are stuck with Xbox consoles that red ring to death and PlayStation 3 consoles that can barely handle a web browser – nothing too amazingly futuristic about that. Where's my friggin hover craft, or better yet – my super awesome futuristic gaming console?"

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darkmurder3347d ago

Obviously you've never played Vampire Rain.

Isaac3347d ago

He hasn't played Uncharted 2 apparently. Or Zelda 64 back in the days.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

What he wants is not to create the perfect game, he wants to re-create life within a game. Which I consider stupid.

Tony P3347d ago

Pretty nice suggestions. I have no idea how they'd begin to approach some of it, but I'm all for most of this. Only thing I don't care too much about are in-game "relationships". I like for a game to try its hand at a compelling tale, but I don't necessarily want to be saddled with a virtual girlfriend or best friend.