A.V. Club reviews Uncharted 2

"The plot and writing are easily superior to almost anything playing at the local multiplex. Everything in the game is rendered with a conviction and confidence rarely seen in games."

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lordkemp0073348d ago


Chalk up another perfect score.

US n4g folks enjoy the game tomorrow ( Lucky blighters )

Banned to open zone for saying Dan Greenawalt (turn 10 ) is a [email protected] end.

IIf i said what i really thought of him, i would be banned for life.

SnuggleBandit3348d ago

Another 10/10 for metacritic!

lloyd_wonder3348d ago

This site gave the first Uncharted a 68 on metacritic.

Oh how the PS3 hate used to be strong

Troll_Police3348d ago

Edge is just waiting to shock the world with a 6/10 review.

xg-ei8ht3348d ago

If Edge give it any less then a 10/10.

I'm going to BURN my Rare Edge Magazine Copy. Muahahhahaha

Seriously though.

Waiting for my pre-order.