Wendy's giving away 800 Wiis for sucking down floats

The folks at Wendy's have partnered with Nintendo to give away some tchotchkes, and now they're looking to promote their new Frosty Float with a Wii giveaway.

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ITR4226d ago

Thank you Wendy's.

Wendy's is going to make fat.

sonarus4226d ago

lol i actually do like d wendy's floats. so maybe i'll jst get a wii in the process

midgard2294226d ago

eat great, get free wii. i'd do it even tho i dont like the wii or their floats lol, there are a feeeeeww games i'd play for the wii anyway (smash bros) ;p

Karebear4226d ago

There are zero Wendy's left. Hundreds boarded up and shut down in one day. Its pretty crazy :)

Black Republican4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

gain weight with us and have a wii of a time loosing it

edit: hahahaha someone disagreed with me

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