Metal Gear Solid Rising Pre-orders Kick Off writes:

"This morning, Amazon began to list the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Rising for the Xbox 360 for $59.99. No official release date is given.

Kojima officially announced the game at Microsoft's E3 2009 press conference, after running various countdowns for the announcement on a Konami website. The game will be released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC and will star Raiden."

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Winter47th3348d ago

It's coming to the PC too? damn. I won't expect MGS4 quality then, nor keep my hopes up. But I still can't believe they picked f'ing Raiden out of all the cool characters, Gray Fox would've done it, but now I have to keep up with a drama queen.

3sq3348d ago

He even wears high-heel, has long nails and make-up...

HarukoHex3348d ago

don't forget all the white "blood" coming out of him. XD

talltony3348d ago

I am not expecting too much from this one, but I hope it scores well.

Chubear3348d ago

Pre-orders for a new IP that no one has ever seen even a trailer for. That's just crazy but I guess the know who they're targeting with this one.

One would have to be an utter nutjob to pre-order a game they know absolutely nothing about in terms of gameplay, story, graphics, presentation - NOTHING. Wow.

loser3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

i replyd to you in the open zone.

and i agree with what you say. but , like i said in there, this is only for pre-orders, when according to many fanboys on here, the agent is already a potential game of the year because it's ps3 exclusive....and all we have seen is a poster!!!!!

although, i cant help feel that certain elements on n4g are playing this game down because it's multi-plat! when i'm sure if this was ps3 exclusive, they would all be going mad about having the opportunity to explore the metal gear universe in the shoes of raiden.

now watch the disagrees follow

Chubear3347d ago

I also responded to you over there too.

I do have to say though that you're wrong on your latter point though. You would more anticipation from the PS3 in regards to MGR if Kojima san and the MGS team where working on it as we all know from following the series that Kojima san was kinda up set that a lot of the MGS community didn't take to Raiden like he thought they would cause he really liked the Xter.

So we would be thinking "Oh, he's going to make Raiden awesome for MGS fans on this one" but no, he's not involved in this at all so, right now, there really isn't anything to be excited about with MGR cause we know very little and the little we do know isn't particularly that interesting.

Right now it's the 360 base that are more excited for it cause I think in their minds, they've been looking at getting something.. anything from the MGS universe to parade about in-front of PS3fans.

IMO, you'll see (and you see it even now) the 360base taking MGR as some sort of pseudo exclusives and even trashing MGS with comments like "Oh men, MGS is boring and trash! Raiden pimps slaps Snake all day long with more action WOOOT!!" They'll see similar MGS4 graphics and pound their chest on forums with comments like "AHHHHH! See, driods said the 360 can't do MGS4 graphics HA! what now droids! lolz" When they in fact ignore MGS4 graphics came out in yr2 of the PS3 while it's coming in year5or6 on the 360.

Mark my words on this one XD

sikbeta3347d ago

Even for PC? I smell another substance with bad keyboard controls and for every fanboy saying bla bla you say that because is multiplat and it doesn't matter if Kojima is not the director of the game bla bla... NO! If you don't believe me you have to play MGS: The Twin Snakes for Gamecube, it was a Remake of MGS and only was produced by Kojima, the game was good but doesn't have the essence and the awesomeness of the PSX version, I'm telling you as Metal Gear Solid Fan

gaffyh3347d ago

Kinda stupid to have a preorder so early for this game, because it's coming out on 3 platforms, we haven't seen even a teaser trailer (the E3 trailer was just the MGS4 render), so I don't expect this game to come until 2011 at the earliest.

ThanatosDMC3347d ago

360 is starved for a Metal Gear game... "but itz a teh moviez! five hour long game!"

foxtheory3347d ago

When MGS4 came out, 360 fanboys mercilessly criticized every aspect of the game, the cutscenes being one and the complex story being another. But as soon as an MGS (sorry, MGR) title is announced for the 360, they jump for joy and say it's gonna be an amazing game. And all the true MGS fans know that there's not going to be a complex story (because 360 owners don't know the main storyline) and the gameplay won't stay true to its roots (Lightning Bolt Action instead of Tactical Espionage Action, and the 360 crowd likes simple, shoot-em-up gameplay instead of immersive gameplay from what I've seen/experienced).

All this aside, I hope the game turns out well, but I'm not expecting it to. I'll just get Peace Walker.

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redsquad3348d ago

Are people ready to 'pre-order' already? I think I'd actually rather find out a bit more about the game first.

WildArmed3347d ago

Considering its Raiden and we all know how MGS2 was like.
Also, considering MGS4 took 4 years, Im not gonna put my money on preorder and let the game retail companies use it for w/e they like till the game is launched. (the same thing as the mail in rebate system.. they make more money off that rebate then they return lol)

I'll buy it at launch date (most likely) but nothing I am gonna preorder. IF they offer preorder goodies, then i'll preorder the day b4 release ^_^

Batzi3348d ago

Where is the PS3 version??????

Zydake3348d ago

Read the 2nd paragraph

Batzi3347d ago

I know it's coming out on PS3 man but I meant where is it on AMAZON? why can't I pre-order the PS3 version yet?

MetalGearRising3348d ago

xbox360......4 million



Chubear3348d ago

How would 4million gamers pre-order a game they've seen absolutely NOTHING on? No one could possibly be that dumb *looks at Halo ODST sales in 1st week* ... ok, I take that back.

loser3348d ago

lol agreed.

but its just like the fanboys that are going mad over the agent. a game with no details what-so-ever....yet according to them, it's going to the game that gta wasn't!

Chubear3347d ago

..Well not really (on your latter point) cause:

1) People aren't pre-ordering The Agent in drones but rather feeling confident in the well known pedigree of the developers. Which brings me to point #2

2) People know the head producers of The Agent but with Metal Gear Raising everyone knows the main producer and team that worked on the MGS series ARE NOT working on MGR.

Darrius Cole3347d ago

Chubear, most people don't know that. Compared to us the average consumer is video game illiterate. Expect Microsoft to market this game as though it is one of their exclusives. They have don't this before and are currently doing it with Modern Warfare 2.

I still expect MGR to sell more on the PS3 simply because it already has a following on the PS3. Moreover, Metal Gear games are more compatible with the PS3 audience than with the 360 auidence.

loser3347d ago

sort of agree

but, the agent isn't available for pre-order. and, although i think rockstar north are pretty damn good, manhunt, bully and table tennis are not really top notch games! the only really great thing to come from them is gta!

but, because the agent is ps3 exclusive people are talking about this like it's the second coming!

Chubear3347d ago

that was my point though. The Agent is highly anticipated by the PS3 base but not availible for pre-order... but it was announced before MGR but MGR already has pre-orders. Kind feels like they're looking to heavily commercialize the game and piggy back it off of MGS series success to me and if that's the case then, uhmmm...

Plus, you seem to think PS3 base is excited for The Agent simply cause it's an exclusive. That is BS cause if that was the case other games like Ferrari Challenge, Eye of Judgement etc would have gotten the same reception simply cause they too were exclusive.

Why the PS3 base are excited about The Agent is simply cause we have seen and experienced what dedicated high end exclusives are like on the PS3 and they display obviously higher quality, generally, than multiplat games. You can disagree all day long on that but it's the truth for PS3 gamers.

So when we see a high pedigree producer and developer team are working on a game that's catered to only the PS3, isn't logical the PS3 base should feel excited seeing what their other exclusive games from talented developers have already produced?

This really shouldn't be that hard to see should it?

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Zydake3348d ago

I don't think I will be too excited about this game because it's missing a key feature SNAKE! It's like when they say solid to me the first thing I think of are solid objects of course but then SNAKE! Guess I'm going to have to look for another game to go stealthy snake action on. Terrble to think that Rising will end sumthing like Ninja Gaiden.

HarukoHex3348d ago

3 was missing snake and it was still good.

If you haven't played yet sorry*

Big Boss does not = Snake.

dirthurts3348d ago

At the end of 4...and I'm pretty much tired of prequals. So I don't see much life left in snake. He is an amazing character, but I think they wanted to kill him off.

tdrules3348d ago

3 wasnt missing snake at all
Big Boss- Snake
Solid Snake- David

leeger3348d ago

Solid Snake does not = Snake

Chubear3348d ago

I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. They are essentially one and the same O.O

WildArmed3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

first of all, Big boss = naked snake
Plisskin = Solid Snake.
Sorry being a MGS fan, i couldnt let people get this wrong =p

note: Big Boss n Solid Snake both were voiced by David Hayter

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