New info, screenshots and trailer for Lead and Gold

Developers Fatshark AB have today released a fresh batch of screenshots, a trailer, and an abundance of new information about upcoming wild west shooter Lead and Gold.

The company's CEO Martin Wahlund, along with lead programmer Rikard Blomberg and producer Robert Bäckström, detailed a variety of aspects of the third-person action game, which is heading for a release date between the end of 2009 or the start of 2010.

"Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West is all about class based team play shooter action," the trio said. "We have strived to create a game that's not just slapping on a TDM sticker on a map and then watch the players run around and kill each other without a plan, we actually tried to create game modes and reward systems that encourage player cooperation in several aspects of the gameplay."

It's also "about being easy to access for the console audience but in the same time be able to meet the specific demands of the PC gamers," it was revealed.

In terms of the specifics, it was stated that "the game modes, levels and game design as a whole are all focused on team play," such as "the use of Synergy effects that boost players in their respective areas of expertise when they choose to stick together as a team."

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