More DLC for MotorStorm

The first premium content pack for MotorStorm will be available to download from the PlayStation Store in June.

Coyote Weekend will add three new groups of races, including a revamp of the Coyote Rage map and different car configurations for other existing circuits. A new vehicle will be available, as will an Eliminator multiplayer mode, although Sony wasn't around to offer any more details on these.

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JIN KAZAMA3625d ago

We need some more content on motorstorm. I am tired of kickin Maddens_Raiders ASS in the game. The game is superb, but we need more tracks, so keep it commin Evolution.

wildcat3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

them fightin words!

hope I don't suck at these tracks like I do with Tenderizer & Sidewinder

lil bush3625d ago

sounds good to me.......

San anto3625d ago

hopefully this update is free, probly is just checkin u never know

Lumbo3625d ago

"premium content pack" = you pay
"free add on content" = you don't pay

premium is always pay stuff, get over it.

BlackIceJoe3625d ago

This may sound good and all but I was wishing spilt screen would have been added.

Robotz Rule3625d ago

As long as the update is great,it's worth the $$$$$,really would have preffered split-screen but hey,part two is comin' soon!

BitbyDeath3625d ago

It's free, i would never pay for an update for a game, especially when it could have been easily implemented in the first place.

Now where's that split-screen